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This Week’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Recommendations Are Out of This World!

Each week, Bookstr will be offering a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list. Today, we’ll be recommending five recent science fiction and fantasy novels for your reading pleasure. Sci-Fi and fantasy novels provide gateways into other worlds, full of aliens, monsters, magic, and cool technology while addressing themes that cannot be showcased in nonfiction reading. Here are some of the top five recent ones!



5. Ship of Smoke and steel by Django Wexler


A woman stands on a burning ship as smoke rises around her

This young adult novel tells the story of a young named Isoka in a fantasy world full of great cinematic battles and a mysterious ships. Isoka follows a group of thugs, forced to obey their orders. This dirty work helps her feed her sister, who lives in the slums of the city they call home. But after her magic gets her arrested, Isoka is tasked with a quest to redeem herself: finding the mysterious ghost ship Soliton, a ship all who have gone after have died trying to steal. But Isoka must try to find it if she wants to escape with her life. Isoka journeys with a crew across the land, finding terrible monsters and forming a romance with a charming rogue. This a great, action-heavy book with intrigue and plenty of world-building to keep fans invested.


4. Smoke and Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg


A fiery horse stands against a dark backdrop

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Smoke & Summons is a wild and inventive fantasy novel that centers around a unique protagonist called Sandis. Sandis is the host of ancient, dark entity that can transform her without warning into a monster at any time. When this happens, she becomes horribly dangerous to others around her, becoming a violent engine of destruction. A servant to a dark master, Sandis finally runs away from home and flees across the land, as her master pursues her with all he has, Sandis not just in danger from him but herself as well.


3. Middlegame by Seanan McGuire 


A hand covered in candles burning in a dark void

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A standalone fantasy novel, this book follows a pair who are somewhere between god and human. The twins understand the world differently than others, with the male twin, Roger, understanding the world through words/stories while his sister, Dodger, through math/numbers. Their creator is an alchemist called Reed, who plans to help their reach their full potential but truly wishes to steal their power for his own. This is a great book with an intriguing premise and two very unique protagonists at its center.


2. Last Tango in Cyberspace by Steven Kotler


A woman stands over a city with a barcode on the back of her neck

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Last Tango In Cyberspace tells of a dystopia in the near future where emotions have become a commodity, suppressed and studied. An ’emotional forecaster’ of this world, Lion Zorn, tracking emotional changes in the world and informs his employers of various changes in emotional perspective. While doing some digging in emotional perspectives, Lion discovers a terrible murder and is brought into a massive conspiracy full of gritty assassins, terrorists, and more. This is a mystery novel speculating what the future could be like, based on technology that already exists or is in development.


1. The Ruin of Kings by Jenn lyons



A metal dragon's head against a grey backdrop

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An epic fantasy tale, The Ruin of Kings tells of a man called Kihrin. He is a man broken and imprisoned, with nothing to do to pass the time but tell his tale to his keeper. A rough childhood as a thief in the slums of Quur has given Kihrin a unique set of skills—skills that become useful when he is recognized as missing prince of a major house of Quur and is imprisoned in a palace full of scheming nobles. When Kihrin learns that the stone around his neck is a powerful device that will protect the wearer, he begins to understand his place in the plans of other far more powerful players in a game that is bigger than he can imagine. This is a great fantasy book, told in a long flashback that unfolds to become bigger and bigger across the story. Pick it up if you haven’t already!



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