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The First Official Trailer for ‘The Little Stranger’ Is Here!

The first official trailer for The Little Stranger is here! Room director Lenny Abrahamson returns with an adaptation of Sarah Water’s haunting novel of the same name. The film is set in the summer of 1948 and centers on Dr. Faraday (Domhnall Gleeson) a country doctor who gets called in to help a patient in the financially failing estate known as Hundreds Hall.




Gleeson’s Faraday is familiar with the estate since his mother was a housemaid there. After meeting the curious family who now occupy it, including Mrs. Ayres (Charlotte Rampling) and her children Caroline (Ruth Wilson) and Roderick (Will Poulter) he discovers an ominous force causing bizarre occurrences around the home. Faraday soon discovers that the Ayres’s story is inextricably linked to his own.


This trailer reflects an eerie tone of a ghost story that seems identical to the novel. The footage that is revealed also centers on how the insanely haunted happenings around the estate impact each character’s psychological state especially Domhnall’s Faraday who appears to be the focal character in this story. 


The film arrives in theaters on August 31st, 2018.


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‘Room’ Director Lenny Abrahamson to Adapt Sarah Waters’ ‘The Little Stranger’

Director Lenny Abrahamson mostly known from his worldwide hit and Oscar-nominated film Room returns with another book being adapted on the big screen with The Little Stranger.


Adapted from the 2009 horror book by Welsh author Sarah Waters, the story centers on Dr. Faraday, the son of a housemaid that has made a respectable living as a country doctor. During a long hot summer in post-WWII Britain, Faraday is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall where his mother used to work and which has been home to one family for over two hundred years, a family that is being haunted by something incredibly sinister. Faraday soon finds this family’s story becoming twisted with his own. 


Image Via Teaser Trailer

Image Via Teaser Trailer 


Waters’ novel centers on themes of class, fear of the future, and the true nature of evil. Hopefully, Abrahamson’s film will carry over at least some of these themes from the novel while still telling its own spine-chilling adaption. 


The film is set to arrive this upcoming August will star Domhall Gleeson as Dr. Faraday, Charlotte Rampling as Mrs. Ayres, Ruth Wilson as Caroline and Will Poulter as Roderick. The film’s producers are Gail Egan, Andrea Calderwood and Ed Guiney. Exec producers include Pathe’s Cameron McCracken, Film 4’s Board’s Celine Haddad and Irish Film Board’s Celine Haddad.


It is a Focus Features, Film4 and Pathe in association with Ingenious Media and the Irish Board of a Potboiler production in association with Element Pictures. 


Abrahamson’s new film is set to hit theaters August 31, 2018. 



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