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Arya and The Hound

Let’s Have a Chat About the Hound and Arya’s Friendship

As an avid Game of Thrones fan, it’s always difficult to pick out a favorite character. Whether I love the character or love to hate the character, it’s not an easy feat to pick out a single favorite. I think it’s definitely safe to say, however, that two of my favorite characters are Arya and the disgraced Hound (aka Sandor Clegane). So of course I couldn’t get enough of it when the two of these characters paired off together in the third and fourth seasons of the show. 




From the beginning—whether you’re looking at the series through the show’s lens or the book’s—Arya is completely too-cool-for-school. She’s biting and smart; clever and brave, and she doesn’t take nonsense from those around her. Alternatively, the Hound is brash and ugly, surly and self-fulfilling. But he continuously demonstrates something in his body language and character that indicates a bigger heart than the one he chooses not to wear on his sleeve.


And…he’s funny. He’s totally dry and strange and his demeanor is something I look forward to when I turn the show on. I can’t get enough of that Clegane wit that completely cuts through characters like Needle—Arya’s self-named sword. 


When Arya and the Hound meet up in season three (well, she’s sort of just kidnapped), they have an obvious disdain for one another. And that disdain remains a constant throughout their time together. Sort of. It’s clear that they form a bond of sorts, and even though Arya may or may not leave her captor for dead at the end of the fourth season, their recent reunion has made me such a happy little fan girl!


Despite having witnessed the death of her father, and all of the misfortunes that became of her prior to their team-up, Arya learns major lessons while with Clegane. She discovers the strength to take on the world alone, sailing to Braavos on her own after they part ways. She grows into her own, and becomes a girl with no name. While we don’t encounter the Hound again for quite some time, when we do, it’s as though he’s a completely changed man. Although we don’t know where those changes began, I think that it’s safe to assume they begin with knowing Arya Stark. 




Again, I think it’s pretty apparent just how much the two characters change while being in one another’s company. I used to look so forward to seeing their scenes together, and am so excited that they are sharing scenes together once more. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where season eight will take both of them—them and everyone else lying south of the Wall…




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Wight Walker Bear

Check out How ‘Game of Thrones’ Created the Flaming Zombie Polar Bear!

Game of Thrones’s special effects has wowed us throughout its seven season reign. The work with CGI in season seven was beautiful, impressive, and terrifying all at the same time with more and more of their characters being drafted by the White Walker army (RIP Viserion.) GoT‘s White Walker CGI has been impeccable with both Viserion and that flaming polar bear we saw in the sixth episode of last season, who the Hound calls Toby. Check out this video of how exactly that polar bear was made!



The Night King doesn’t seem super discerning with who he recruits into his army, so maybe we can expect more undead polar bears. But, hey, why stop there? I’m hoping we see an undead bunny, a duck…OH OH OH. An undead dire wolf.


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Nymeria and Drogon

5 “Game of Thrones” Animals Who Might Not Survive the Season

For “Game of Thrones” fans, it’s easy to get caught up guessing who the next person is on the chopping block. But don’t forget that our favorite animals are far from safe in Westeros.


We’ve listed five of these vulnerable varmints in increasing likelihood of their demise. These are our predictions!


5. Ser Pounce


There he goes pouncing again. / via GIPHY


Though the reign of King Tommen Baratheon was brief, he will always be remembered…for his cat. Ser Pounce hasn’t popped his furry head up since season 4, but you never know who you might bump into in the alleys of King’s Landing.


Fear not, though. We’re fairly sure Ser Pounce will survive this season. In fact, not only will he survive, he will thrive based on this exclusive footage HBO has sent us…




4. Stranger


The Hound and Arya on Stranger's back.

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Stranger, Sandor Clegane’s warhorse, like Ser Pounce, was last seen in season 4. For that reason, he’s probably safe. Though, there is some concern over whether or not he can carry the Hound on his back anymore. If Stranger dies, it may be of a broken back.


3. Ghost


Ghost protecting Jon Snow's corpse.

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Ghost has been a loyal pup to Jon Snow through and through. Seriously, he stuck by his side even when Jon was dead (a la “Hachi“). There’s no reason not to love Ghost.


Jon Snow looking at Ghost as a puppy

Jon Snow doing his best not to melt. / via Game of Thrones Wiki


And that’s why we shouldn’t let our guard down. Ghost is ripe for the picking, and if Jon Snow is heading to meet a few dragons then…just saying. Enormous reptiles plus smaller mammals reminds me of that kid from elementary school who showed me what he fed his pet snake. It was a mouse.


2. Drogon


Gentle Drogon

Drogon, the Gentle Dragon / via Daily Express


No parent can pick their favorite child, especially when their children are dragons.


Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond looking matronly

“You’re all my favorite…pls don’t kill me.” / via Fanpop


But, let’s be honest, Drogon is the mother of dragons’s favorite. Not every son will fly into a gladiatorial arena, and get stabbed by spears to save his mother. But Drogon did. Dany rides Drogon just about everywhere, and, with talk of a siege on King’s Landing, he’ll be in the center of Cersei’s crosshairs…


…really really big crosshairs.


1. Nymeria


Nymeria hugging Arya

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Here we are. Number one. And with it…sigh, do we have to do this? Would you rather talk about the weather?


Weather map

via Magiera’s Mathematicians


All right, enough postponing. We’re getting bad vibes for Nymeria, Arya Stark’s direwolf. Last seen biting Joffrey’s arm in season 1, Nymeria made her valiant return this season by throwing a little welcome back party for Arya.


"Welcome back, Arya! This is Gerry, Melissa, Ryan...Ryan just ate a person."

Aw, so friendly. / via National Post


But the question of “Why now?” is left ambiguous. It’s a sweet moment, but there may be more to come from Arya’s old pal. It’s not hard to imagine Arya finding herself on the wrong side of a sword after all the assassinating she’s been doing. And who better to protect her than her old tried-and-true protector, Nymeria? None better.


Let us know what you think. And remember to give your pet a hug. Yes, even you elementary schooler with a pet snake. Even you.


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