The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Returns to Prague

The cast and crew of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier have finally returned to Prague to continue filming. For months now production on the MCU’s first Disney+ show has been halted, apparently with just a few weeks of filming left. While most of the production took place in Atlanta, Marvel decided to halt production shortly after the cast and crew were to move to Prague. Now, however, it has been confirmed that they have returned to Prague, with stuntwoman Vanessa Cater sharing multiple photos and videos on her Instagram.

This is certainly positive news for those of us who have eagerly been awaiting for our next fix of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter, recently confirmed on her Instagram that she finished shooting, so hopefully the same could be said for the rest of the cast shortly. As long as Marvel is able to film the show in a way that’s safe for all of those involved, we should be seeing it debut on Disney+ any day now (even though that’s not entirely true, as Disney has already confirmed that we won’t be seeing The Falcon & The Winter Soldier until 2021). But without a specific release date, here’s hoping it’s sooner than later!

featured image via looper