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#Bookstagrammer of the Week: @the.cozy.bee

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This Week’s Featured creator: @the.cozy.bee


Each week Bookstr is going to be highlighting your favorite Bookstagrammers. A Bookstagrammer is someone who shares all of their literary interests, ranging from book reviews and aesthetically pleasing book pictures to outfit pictures featuring their current reads. Anything that evokes bibliophile feels is on their Instagram pages. Make sure to give these Bookstagrammers the love they deserve! Each page has theme colors or an aesthetic, and this Bookstagrammer’s cozy autumnal theme is perfect for October. This week we are getting to know Brittany, or as you would know her on Instagram, @the.cozy.bee.

Here is her story:



Chapter 1: The Birth of a Bookstagram Account

Brittany started Bookstagram with a cozy theme in mind and as a bookish way to express her creativity.


I originally began posting cozy photos of the books I was reading, a way to get creative and document my reads. I then discovered that there was a whole community of people that have dedicated their pages to all things bookish and so I joined the magical world of Bookstagram, found it unintentionally but it was meant to be. 


Brittany’s favorite authors and books span across a wide range of genres, including The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Leigh Bardugo, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Atticus Poetry.


I could just go on forever—every book speaks to me in some way and I treasure every read for different reasons.


The Cozy Bee is a member of the Harry Potter, Grishaverse, Narnia Nation, and the SPNFamily fandoms.



A fun fact about @the.cozy.bee is that she’s ambidextrous, which is perfect for all of her reading and journaling.


I can use both my left and my right hands for just about everything.


Chapter 2: To The Bookstagramming

As a Bookstagrammer, it’s important to judge books by their covers so you can choose the best aesthetics for your photos. In the world of readers and introverts, more and more book covers are attempting to capture that cozy aesthetic. Brittany’s current favorite is the whimsical cover of The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert.



So when should you look out for Brittany’s newest photos if you’re in the mood to feel warm and cozy with a good book?


I post everyday, sometimes twice a day. I just enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with Bookstagram and for the timing of my posts… whatever my Instagram insights suggests is best.


But how did Brittany know that she’d made it as a Bookstagrammer? And what advice would she give to future Bookstagrammers?


When I made my first friend. Bookstagram is a community where we share our love of books. I ‘made it’ when I joined the community. 

The best advice I could give is to just start. A great way to begin is by participating in Bookstagram photo challenges and by engaging with other Bookstagrammers. The most important thing however is that you are having fun.


Chapter 3: TBR

Every avid reader has a To Be Read list that they add to in the hopes of acquiring more favorites, and Brittany’s TBR list for this month includes plenty of spooky books to fit her autumn aesthetic. They are:





We also asked Brittany if she could pick a publisher to supply her with a lifetime of books and she chose one with a magical theme.


Oh wow. I think Bloomsbury Publishing. I think all the magical books come from there. 





Brittany has so many Bookstagrammers that she loves and connects with, and she has positive opinions to share about all of them.


  • @sheisconfetti: she has become one of my closest friends and I just love reading her diary entry styled posts each day
  • @geminorum: I have loved her darling account for as long as I’ve been on Bookstagram
  • @bookaline: another long time favourite
  • @mousethatreads: someone I’ve looked up to since starting Bookstagram
  • @gardenofgoldenleaves: another account I have forever adored
  • @wldflowerbooks: a more recent favourite who never fails to make me smile


This list could honestly just go on and on, I have met wonderful people on this platform and I am constantly discovering more and more like minded souls with beautiful accounts.


Well, what did you think of @the.cozy.bee? Do you have a favorite Bookstagrammer in mind? Contact us through any of our social media platforms and maybe you will see them on here next week! 


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Featured image via @the.cozy.bee