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‘The Lord of the Rings’ TV Series Casts Will Poulter As Lead!


Exciting news for fans of The Lord of the RingsAccording to Deadline young British actor Will Poulter, star of franchises such as The Maze Runner, The Chronicles of Narnia, We’re the Millers, and Black Mirror, is poised to take the lead role of Amazon’s upcoming series based on the bestselling, ever popular fantasy novels. The series has no announced plot yet, but is known to take place in Lord of the Ring’s Second Age, after Sauron’s initial defeat in the First Age but before his return that kickstarts the main plot in the books proper in the Third Age.


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The series hails from writers JD Payne and Patrick McKay and director Juan Antonio (J.A.) Bayona. Amazon is reportedly putting out all the stops for the show, intent on making it a massive, big budget adaptation of the source material. Although Amazon has not confirmed who Poulter is playing yet, it is widely believed by several sources that he will play the show’s leading man.


Markella Kavenagh

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This means he’ll be acting alongside Markella Kavenagh. Kavenagh previously portrayed Cindi in Romper Stomper and Myrtle in Picnic at Hanging Book.

Although again not confirmed, it is believed that Poulter and Kavenagh will play the two leads: Beldor and Tyra

The show will be produced and collaborated with HarperCollins, the Tolkien Estate, and New Line Cinema to bring the rich world of Middle-earth to life once again. Are you excited to revisit Middle-earth? Are you also excited to see Will Poulter in the (potential) leading role? Tell us in the comments!




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Our Favorite Tolkien & Lewis Apocrypha

Tolkien and Lewis were both in residence at Oxford for many years, studying and teaching both. They were also close friends, even though they disagreed on almost everything. Sure, they had a shared interest in language, and in what we now call fantasy, but they disagreed on religion, and on the tones of their books. There are also a lot of stories about their friendship, few confirmed, but all amazing. Here are our favorites!


1. The Lamppost


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There’s a story that says Lewis specifically put the lamppost in Narnia because Tolkien said a good fantasy story would never have one. The sheer pettiness. What an icon. No fantasy story would have a lamppost? Well this one does! Please, TELL Lewis what his story can have. There’s no slowing him down. A lesson in spite we should really all take to heart.



2. Religion


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Tolkien was, as well as being a linguist and historian, quite Catholic, and Lewis found his philosophical suggestions appealing, becoming religious himself. Tolkien didn’t get what he wanted, though, because though Lewis became more religious, he was Protestant, and Tolkien didn’t at all appreciate how much religion was in Lewis’ books. Kinda played himself.


3. The Draft


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Apparently when Lewis first read his draft of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to Tolkien and a croup of friends, Tolkien hated it. He thought it was terrible and combined too many mythologies. He wanted more consistent world building, and I don’t have a good source for this, but I’ve heard he even told Lewis to stop writing.




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Five Book Opinions from Cats

We all have some hot book takes, and what’s better than a good take? A hot take from a cat. Sure, they’re funny, but they’re also relateable. Well, some of them. Hopefully not #3. Any opinion from a cat is a quality opinion, and here are a few about your favorite books.



1. When you love nothing

Image via Planet eBooks


I hope you like more than two things, but if you’re gonna keep the list short, books are certainly top pics. Kind of makes you wonder which tow, doesn’t it? Relatable when all you want is to jump into fiction to escape your real world problems. Rest in peace, Tardar Sauce.



2. We’re still not over it

Image via I Can Has Cheeseburger


MASTER gave Dobby a SOCK. Seen here, a tabby kitten cosplaying her favorite Harry Potter character. Her ears might not be big enough, but 13/10 for effort, and she’s certainly mastered the huge eyes. Does Dobby ever bite the sock? Time for a reread. RIP Dobby. Yikes.



3. Don’t touch my things

Image via Book Bub


I know the ring makes you really protective, but do you get the sense Smeagle had siblings? “Mom said it’s my turn on the one ring!” – Smeagle, probably. Regardless, he’s attached, and this cat has captured his covetous energy perfectly.



4. Finely aged memes

Image via Book Bub


Sure, this meme format is basically antique, but memes age like fine wine. Besides, it’s hard to argue. I was an Aslan stan as a child, and can say that this is a good impersonation, if the scale might make it less convincing in person. I definitely want to pat the fluff.



5. Misleading book titles

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Finally it seemed like there was some literature he could really appreciate, so imagine the disappointment of getting two thirds through the book, and realizing it’s never going to be about bird hunting. Top ten anime betrayals of all time.




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8 of Our Favorite Siblings in Book and Pop Culture

Hey everybody! In honor of National Siblings Day, let’s check out some of the literary siblings in pop culture!


1. The Weasleys, the Harry Potter series

The Weasleys

IMAGE VIA Thehooknew


Okay—the Weasleys’ status as #1 on this list is NOT up for debate! Each one of them has their own unique personality, and they’re awesome friends to one another and to Harry (and everyone else). Overall, they have the chillest, most playful sibling dynamic in pop culture right now (even though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out 8 years ago). The only one of them who I actively dislike is Percy—Percy brings dishonor to the good Weasley name, and I vote to 1. Create a wall-sized mural of the Weasley family tree (I’m thinking of the Black family tree at Grimmauld Place) and then 2. Scratch Percy’s portrait off the tree (like Sirius’ was).


2. Klaus and Ben Hargreeves, The Umbrella Academy

Image result for klaus and ben umbrella academy gifGIF VIA BRUCE-WAYNE ON TUMBLR


The Hargreeves are all special in their own way *cough* Vanya *cough* but Klaus and Ben have the cutest sibling bond—one that can even *spoiler alert* transcend the boundaries between life and death. (Plus, Klaus is simply the best character even without Ben, and thats a FACT.)

3. The Salvatore Brothers, The Vampire Diaries

The Salvatore Brothers



Ahhh, the Salvatores. They made this list solely because of Damon, given that Stefan is both boring and a tool. As far as their dynamic goes, they might not get an A+ for the way they actually, ya know, treat each other, but they are there for one another when they need to be—they agree that no one but each other is allowed to ruin their lives, and they make a hell of a team against the Original Family.


4. Jon and Arya, Game of Thrones

Image result for jon and arya hugging gifGIF VIA TENOR


Again, this duo makes the list because of Arya—I’m sure this is a very controversial opinion, but I don’t think Jon Snow is a super original or interesting character. He redeems himself through his close relationship with Arya, though. They relate so well to each other because in some ways, they’re both outsiders—Jon for being a bastard, and Arya for not fitting in with other girls her age, who don’t seem to have a comprehensive list of people they want to kill. Shocking.


5. The Cullens, The Twilight Saga

The Cullen Family



I LOVE Twilight, and I don’t care who knows!!! The movie adaptation is so iconic that I can’t care how bad it is. While the best member of the Cullen clan is up for debate (my personal pick is Alice), you can’t deny that on the whole they’re a really tight-knit group. So what if they’re not actually related! They chose each other, and that’s all that matters :’)


6. Jaime and Tyrion, Game of Thrones

Jaime and Tyrion



Finally, a duo where both characters are amazing! (Also, I would like to specify I am referring only to book-Jaime, not show-Jaime, who is decidedly not amazing). Tyrion and Jaime’s bond is so special because Jaime is one of the only people who respects Tyrion, and Tyrion likewise respects and loves Jaime for it.


7. The Pevensies, The Chronicles of Narnia 

The Pevensies



The Pevensies are the definition of siblings who find each other SO ANNOYING but love each other anyway. Yeah, Edmund chose Turkish Delight over his family. But so, what? Magic made him do it! Tbh, Susan is also the worst. But Lucy and Peter are everything a King and Queen of Narnia should be, and they totally make up for the many failures of their siblings.


8. Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice 

Lizzy and Jane



Pride and Prejudice has some extremely questionable characters, AKA, literally everyone but Lizzy and Jane. But those two make up for the rest by being the best of friends, which they have to be in order to survive the nightmare that is the rest of their family. (Oh, Lydia.) Together, they manage to make things work. They never fail to hype each other up and always lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.