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11 Legendary James Patterson Book Commercials

Having a bad day? Well, this will make you laugh. I guarantee that all you individuals with a heart of stone, who have your jaw wired shut, will drop dead laughing at these videos. I’ve compiled a collection of the funniest, craziest, book commercials that star James Patterson.

In each of these commercials, James Patterson appeared on TV to tell everyone about his book. Did he get them hooked, or did he get them laughing? According to these commercials, the answer is both.



11-Patterson Has The Black Book!


My favorite part about this commercial is that the ‘black book’ has a big blue fingerprint on it.



10-Patterson Doesn’t Make Idle Threats


The fact that this is a good book is second. Be wary all you Alex Cross fans, buy his book or else…

PS- I saw this on television as a kid and wanted to know why some old dude thought he could take on Alex Cross.





“Move over Alex Cross!” the book proclaims. Showcasing his newest detective, Patterson enlists the help of a man dressed in black and some scary kids.



8-Patterson vs Heroin: Dawn of Justice


Ever wanted to see James Patterson kick some heroin? Now’s your chance.





After defeating heroin, Patterson takes on a company that wants to take our privacy away. Little did he know, we’d give it away freely.



6-Patterson Will Make You Laugh… Or Cry


Some of the commercials are funny. Some are unnerving. This one is both.



5-Captain Patterson vs Captain Hook… Coming Soon?


Ever wonder what would happen if James Patterson was a pirate, who did bad jokes?




4-James Patterson and James Patterson


Close your eyes. Picture James Patterson. Handsome right? Don’t you wish there were two of them? Well, open your eyes and click on the video below!



3-Having Lost His Mind, Patterson Speaks To A Drawing


It’s a real conversation. The power of editing compelled him. Plus, he advertises two books in one commercial.




2-Patterson vs Vegas


This is how I picture James Patterson in my mind.



1-James Patterson Gets Scary


James Patterson enters some Stephen King territory with this one. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight…



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