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9 Dogs Dressed as Book Characters to Make Your Day

Have you had a long day? You want to lose yourself in your favorite book, but your brain is fried and your eyes are tired. Well, fear not. Cheer yourself up with these nine book-loving doggos and their lovely literary costumes. 


1. Snow White.


I lived the third year of my life as Snow White. I had the costume, a house-shaped play tent erected in the living room, all of of my teddies arranged inside it in place of the forest animals. I made my father play the roles of all seven dwarves and the wicked queen. What I’m trying to say is I was very cute, but still not as cute as this girl.


Via Costumes for Dogs

Image Via Costumes for Dogs


2. Elsa 


I know everyone remains sick to the back teeth of Frozen and all it entails, but even the fact that ‘Let It Go’ has been stuck in my head for four years nonstop can’t stop me from loving this lil lady in her Elsa costume. 


Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest


3. Captain America


Via FanBoy.com

Image Via FanBoy.com


I don’t know much about comic books, but I’ll tell ya this much, I like this super boy a lot. 


4. Harry Potter


Via Evil Beet Gossip

Image Via Evil Beet Gossip


One million points to Gryffindor for cuteness and nobility. 


5. The Wizard of Oz


Via D for Dogs

Image Via D for Dogs

Tag yourself, I’m Dogothy’s ruby paw slippers. 


6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 


Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest


The experiments have gone very wrong in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. 


7. Peter Pan


Via Oh My Disney

Image Via Oh My Disney


This Peter Pan pup is so handsome and also looks like he could definitely defeat many pirates. 


Three-Headed Dog 


Via Daily Record

Image Via Daily Record


Slightly grainy photo but I couldn’t leave out this fabulous three-headed doggo, no doubt wonderful at guarding third floor corridors but also at cuddles. 


Featured Image Via Seventeen


Bookworms Beware, This Etsy Christmas Wishlist Will Bankrupt You

The holidays are heeeeeeah and it’s time to start assembling a lengthy and detailed list of desired bookish gifts to present to the people who claim to love you, in order to test their devotion. Let’s go. 


dancing potters

Via Giphy


1. Harry Potter Christmas Ornament  – $4.00

Harry Potter

Image Via Etsy


These absolutely adorable Harry Potter themed tree ornaments from BookishStuff make the perfect inexpensive gift, and come in a variety of different styles, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid or several owls! 


2. The Great Gatsby iPhone Case  $18.00


iphone case great gatsby

Image Via Etsy


Dress up your phone with this vibrant case from VeronicasShowcase and make sure to practice your rich voice for  any calls you make to spurned lovers. It’s almost as beautiful as silk shirts, but no need to cry over it. 


3. Game of Thrones Make Up Brushes $22.48


game of thrones brushes

Image Via Etsy


These Game of Thrones brushes from FungCreative are perfect for painting your face with the blood of your enemies! Happy holidays! 


4. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Candle $12.00



Image Via Etsy


Okay, so there is a seemingly infinite number of Harry Potter themed candles available online, but I think this one from GeekandWonder is particularly cool. “With a scent reminiscent of eating pumpkin pasties during a feast in the Great Hall, this magical candle will turn either red, green, yellow, or blue as it burns down, letting you know whether you’ve been chosen as a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff, or a Ravenclaw!”


5. Mr. Collins Tumbler  $9.00


mr collins tumbler

Image Via Etsy


If this hilarious tumbler from EverLastingTeaparty can’t get you in the mood for exercising or even just hydrating over the holidays, nothing will. Also, it feels really weird to type ‘tumbler’ not like ‘tumblr.’ (#millennial) 


6. Atticus Finch Themed Shoes  $95.00


atticus shoes

Image Via Etsy


Atticus Finch famously said: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Okay so, these aren’t quite someone’s skin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )  but you sure can walk around in them. Gift yourself a new point of view this holiday season with these amazing shoes from Brinkadoodle.


7. Olenna Tyrell T-Shirt $22.00


olenna tyrell tshirt

Image Via Etsy


Another one for the ‘blood of your enemies’ pile, this shirt from DrunkGirlDesigns will ensure nobody messes with you this holiday season. 


8. Jane Austen Pillow  $62.87


jane austen pillow

Image Via Etsy


Okay, I accept that $62.87 is almost always going to be too much for a pillow, but this is a really, really nice pillow from PalaceHomeCushions, perfect for positioning oneself comfortably for reading/observing/overseeing your kingdom.


9. The Great Gatsby Necklace  $10.26



Image Via Etsy


I’m very into this quote and would happily wear it on my person in any capacity. Even better is that this gorgeous pendant from LiteraryLaneBoutique also features our beloved F. Scott’s Fitz-signature. 


10. To Kill A Mockingbird Scarf  $46.00 


TKAM Scarf

Image Via Etsy

Envelop yourself in the immortal words of Harper Lee this holiday with this beautiful scarf from EmeraldDreamBotique. Dreamy. 


Featured Image Via Anytime Fitness Blog