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Comments on Article About Termites Destroying Books Reveal People Don’t Really Know What Books Are…

Do you pick up, lovingly caress and read cover to cover and then replace each and every one of your books on a daily basis? No? Pffft! You are not a real bookworm, then, according to the commenters beneath the Inquirer.net’s article about a book collection devoured by termites. 


A heartbroken book lover named Dorcas Kyla Aguayo made a post on Facebook warning others about the threat of termites to book collections, and the Inquirer.net reported on it, featuring distressing images of the damaged books. 



The good people of the Facebook Comments Section, however, were less than sympathetic.


 “Well, that’s the lesson for the years not visiting ur books” wrote one person, who clearly picks up each and every one of their books in a sort of strange ritual before bed every night. “Looks like its been a long while since the last time she checked her books,” wrote another, who must also follow this apparently popular routine. “The owner is not a real book worm,” someone else chimed in, “How else can those books be left untouched, in the dark corner of the shelf and for a very long time.” 


…What? Surely the mark of a real bookworm is someone who collects books— who owns and reads many books, and probably reads so voraciously that they rarely re-read the same books. I know I have books on my shelves that I love and cherish, but that I often won’t touch for months at a time, because I’m reading other books and don’t have time for this strange book-caressing routine to which the Facebook commenters seem so devoted. 


Of course, others came to the poster’s defense, with one person very sensibly stating “All these people saying she must have her books just for display/she must not have been reading them anyway, do you even own a book? Because if you do, you’d know that you don’t take it off thw shelf every single day. Most of my books have been sitting on my shelf for years because I’ve already read them and constantly having your books handled or displaced further wears it out.” I thought this would have been, like, the generally accepted line of thinking? But apparently not. 


Our condolences to Ms. Aguayo on the loss of her books, and our suspicious side-eye to the commenters calling her out for “not being a real bookworm.” 


Featured Image Via Inquirer.net