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5 Best Teachers in Children’s Literature

Teachers can make a world of difference in our lives, in both good and bad ways. Some teachers are supportive and kind, challenging their students to truly do their best. Others end up squashing students’ potential, even if they don’t really intend to do it. Below are some of our favorite teachers in children’s and young adult books that help to support and foster positivity in their classrooms. They all might take different approaches or even teach magical subjects, but there is something to learn from every single one.

Mr. Ingman, I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

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Above everything else, Mr. Ingman believes in his students. In a terrible car accident, Julia’s sister dies her senior year. Julia struggles with not only her sister’s death, but her identity as a daughter, writer, and individual. Mr. Ingman works to develop relationship with not only Julia, but each of his students. He is supportive of her as she handles her grief, even helping her find a therapist to discuss her issues with a professional, but he never stops challenging her in the classroom.

Mr. Ingman sees immense potential in Julia as a writer and doesn’t allow her to limit herself. He encourages her to apply to college writing programs that she sees as too lofty for a young Hispanic girl from Chicago. Mr. Ingman never allows barriers to affect Julia’s potential as both a student and a writer. His investment in his students personal and academic lives is an incredible example for all teachers.

Professor McGonagall, The Harry Potter Series

Professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter movies

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Minerva McGonagall is a great balance between being a no-nonsense educator and a kindhearted teacher. Even though some of her students try to slip things by her, she is always at the top of her game. She may have high expectations and give lots of work, but she truly cares about her students. Whether she is buying Harry a broomstick so he can join the Quidditch team or giving Hermione a time turner to attend more classes, she is always working to provide opportunities for her students.

Professor McGonagall pushes her students and challenges them to be their best. Her students have immense respect for her, but they aren’t scared of her the same way they are of some other Hogwarts teachers (*cough cough* Professor Snape *cough cough*). At every turn, Professor McGonagall is supporting and challenging her students in unique ways.

Mr. Terupt, Because of Mr. Terupt

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Seven students at Snow Hill school discover the power of one teacher when they walk into Mr. Terupt’s classroom. Told from the perspective of seven of Mr. Terupt’s students, this heartwarming story reminds readers that a good teacher has an effect both inside and outside the classroom. Between his journaling activities and creative classroom projects, Mr. Terupt is an engaged and exciting teacher.

But most importantly, develops personal relationships with each of his students. Not only does he teach them reading and math skills, but he teaches them to boldly be themselves and overcome personal challenges. In Mr. Terupt’s classroom, students learn to accept others and express their ideas and feelings in productive ways. Mr. Terupt doesn’t focus on teaching content, but rather on teaching students, which makes him a strong and successful teacher.

Mr. Bruner/Chiron, The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

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Chiron, the Greek trainer of heroes, helps Percy throughout this series to become a better fighter and a better man. Although he initially lies to Percy about his identity, his lies are only to support Percy’s safety. Chiron knows that Percy is capable, smart, and brave, even when his student might not know it himself. Whether Chiron is teaching at Yancy Academy or in the sanctuary of Camp Half-Blood he is helping his students become independent.

Never losing the opportunity to teach a moral lesson, Chiron helps all the heroes at Camp Half-Blood become their strongest selves. Throughout the series, Chiron provides guidance and helps his heroes on their own personal journeys. Although Percy and his friends may bend the rules sometimes, Chiron always does what is best for them.

Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus Series

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Throughout the Magic School Bus series, Ms. Frizzle finds new ways to engage her students in the content she is teaching. Ms. Frizzle takes her students on an adventure in the classroom, both literally and figuratively. Whether she is taking her students to the bottom of the ocean or back to the age of dinosaurs, Ms. Frizzle’s classroom is always somewhere fun and exciting to be. From her wardrobe to her enthusiastic teaching style, Ms. Frizzle is engaging and challenging her students at every turn.

Ms. Frizzle does an excellent job making a teaching moment memorable. Even though most classroom teachers don’t have the magic that Ms. Frizzle does, they can learn from her immersive teaching strategies and positive attitude in the classroom. Ms. Frizzle makes her students care about what she teaches in her classroom and connects her curriculum to her students’ lives in powerful ways. Ms. Frizzle is a great example of a teacher who loves teaches that wants to make her students love learning.

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15 Funny Memes for All The Teachers Out There!

It’s National Teacher’s Day! Today we celebrate all the hard work our teacher’s do every school year, from teaching kids, to tutoring them, to offering helping hands and advice, and much much more. As someone who was a student for many, many years, (and a teacher’s assistant for much, much less) I can give a good guess at what it was like for all the teachers I had to actually teach my classes. To all the great teachers I’ve had, I say “Thank you!!” for all the help and care you gave me. To make things a little more fun, here are fifteen funny teaching memes that represent teaching life.

We’ve also recommended the perfect books for you or the teacher in your life!


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1. when you’re waiting for your rowdy class to just be quiet so you can continue teaching



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2. when another student asks a similar question that you just answered



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3. when you want to move two students around but then it messes up your precise seating arrangements



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4. and when you find out that that one student you moved just talks to everyone



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5. when you just need your coffee and students constantly ask why you’re always drinking it


A memoir all teachers can relate to:

I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High



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6. when you’ve gotten too comfortable with summer break



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7. your students when they find out what your first name is



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8. when you have to haul home like 100+ papers to grade



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9. when you’re grading students’ papers


For when the stress of grading gets too much:

This Teacher Needs a Mother F*cking Beer: A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults: A Funny Adult Coloring Book for Teachers, Professors & Teaching … for Stress Relief, Relaxation & Color Therapy



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10. what you tell your students on the first day of class



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11. your transformation over the school year



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12. what a student tells you when they’re caught talking

If you want to see even more things that students say to their teachers:

I Did My Homework In My Head



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13. no response


For a giggle at the papers other teachers have had to correct:

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers



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14. truth



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15. and finally: when it’s the last day of school and realize you probably won’t see them anymore

This book will probably make you cry because you miss that one amazing student that was super sweet:

a letter to my teacher


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5 Teachers You Wish You Had During Online Learning

During these crazy times of quarantine, those of us still in school are having a pretty rough experience trying to complete our assignments. However, we can’t give up hope just yet! Here are some amazing fictional teachers we wish we had to help get us through this.

1. Mr. Keating from ‘Dead Poet’s Society’

Mr. Keating Dead Poet's Society

Image Via The Guardian

If there’s anyone who can inspire us and keep our heads up during this time, it’s Mr. Keating. His invigorating lessons are enough to keep our minds off of things and to look forward to the future. He’d probably have us all stand on our chairs and recite poems from our bedrooms. Too bad the students started their Dead Poet’s Society club before Zoom was invented!

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2. Ms. Frizzle from ‘The Magic School Bus’

Ms. Frizzle Magic School Bus

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Although we’re not supposed to travel (unless it’s essential), the innovative and wacky Ms. Frizzle probably has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep online learning refreshing and exciting! No videos or Powerpoints… instead, lessons with her exotic pets and jam sessions with her various musical instruments. No field trips necessary! Just imagine how chaotic her house must look during sessions.

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3. Miss Honey from ‘Matilda’

Miss Honey Matilda

Image Via The Sun

In these desperate and confusing times, who doesn’t need a calm, nurturing presence? Imagine her reading to you in her soothing speaking voice, knowing that everything is going to be okay, and this will all be over soon. I wish she’d adopt me!

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4. Ms. Norbury from ‘Mean Girls’

Ms Norbury Mean Girls

Image Via CinemaBlend

We all need a little extra “push” and motivation right now, and who else besides Ms. Norbury could keep us from slipping too far into the black hole that is senioritis? Although she can be a little disorganized, she’s trying her best like the rest of us. Her wisecracks and “real talk” life advice will keep you present and entertained (even if you hate math).

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5. Professor McGonagall from ‘Harry Potter’

Professor Mcgongall Harry Potter

Image Via Looper

Although she’s a little more old-school, she’d sure keep us entertained with her informative material and spells to master. Prepare for a heavy workload, as she is to be less forgiving during these hectic times. However, transfiguring and shapeshifting are sure-fire ways to keep us entertained (just don’t go too crazy)!

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The Top 10 Best ‘Harry Potter’ Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week here at Bookstr and you should be appreciating the teachers across the world! Teachers face extremely difficult jobs, having to manage large classes and educate with often little reward. To showcase what makes teachers so special, let’s examine the teachers of Harry Potter, ranking them from the worst to the best. Now, this is just on their merit’s as teachers, not on them as individuals or people, merely on their skills in the classroom. Who are the best and who are the worst? Let’s dive in and find out!


10. Dolores Umbridge


Dolores Umbridge, a middle aged woman dressed in a pink sweater stands at attention

Image via Harry Potter wiki

Holding the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Dolores Umbridge was unquestionably the worst in the series history, both as a professor (and a human being but let’s stick to the rules!) Despite her sickly sweet demeanor, Dolores Umbridge was appointed by the Ministry of Magic to oversee the school and her presence was instantly an oppressive one. A vicious bully and tormentor, she inflicted harsh punishments on her students for misbehavior, including making Harry carve the words “I MUST NOT TELL LIES” over and over again into his own skin! She also created a hostile work environment, expressed outright contempt for Hogwarts education system, and consistently challenged Dumbledore’s authority, which just made her a terrible professor. And she even refused to teach her students Defense Against the Dark Arts, making her outright useless as a source of education! Umbridge is unquestionably a terrible professor and not one you should admire. At all.


9. Severus Snape


Severus Snape standing in black cloak against a purple background

Image via Potter talk

The Potions master until Order of the Phoenix and then Half-Blood Prince, Snape is now admired for his love for Lily Potter and for secretly protecting Harry during his time at Hogwarts. But there’s no doubt he was a horrible teacher, downright abusive towards Harry and exhibiting favoritism towards Slytherin. He bullies students constantly, especially Harry, Neville, and Ron, putting them on the spot with difficult questions and making them feel constant anxiety in his presence. It’s not fair for Snape to pick on his students as much as he does, especially for a grudge he should have gotten over a long time ago. While he may be a good person deep down, Snape has too many issues to make him a valuable teacher.


8. Gilderoy Lockhart


Gildeory Lockhart stands in a golden uniform against a dark backdrop

Image via Pottermore

Lockhart skated by on good looks, charm and blatant lies. Lockhart wrote about encounters with dark creatures, painting himself as a perfect hero, easily able to dispatch fearsome monsters the world over, but all the books he wrote were actually fabrications and completely false. This made him a useless educator when he was hired for position of Defense Against the Dark Arts, often making a buffoon of himself and skating by on the skin of his teeth. When he was asked to kill the Basilisk terrorizing Hogwarts, Lockhart attempted to flee, clearly showing once and for all that he was utterly unqualified for his job.


7. Horace Slughorn


Horace Slughorn standing in a well tailored suit in front of a bunch of old photographs

Image via Harry Potter wiki

The Potions master, Slughorn wasn’t a horrible professor but he wasn’t a good one either. He generally played favorites with students, hosting club meetings for students who could pull favors for him after graduation. Slughorn put himself above his students, being more self-serving than anything else, but he was at least competent as a professor and gave Harry a more positive experience as a Potions professor than Snape ever did.


6. Filius FLitwick 


The diminutive Filius Flitwick standing in a tuxedo and holding a wand

Image via Pininterest

A supportive mentor to his students, Filius was a middle of the road professor, neither particularly good nor particularly bad. But he was always very nice to his classes, teaching them spells as best he could. Although not a massive presence in the books, what little we saw of Flitwick led us to believe he would be a perfectly acceptable professor, just not a particularly memorable one. Which, sometimes, is the best you can ask for!


5. Rubeus Hagrid


The towering figure of Rubeus Hagrid clad in furs

Image via Harry Potter wiki

The half-giant and beloved friend to Harry, Hagrid was a kind educator who had a deep love for the creatures of the wizarding world. He turned this passion into the official professor for Care of Magical Creatures, allowing students the opportunity for a hands on approach to caring for monsters and critters. He had a very deep knowledge of monsters, allowing him to provide his students with an intimate look at them. However, his deep love of creatures sometimes made him underestimate how dangerous they could be, resulting in a few potentially deadly encounters during his time as a professor.


4. Rolanda Hooch


Image via Harry Potter Wiki

A valuable teacher to her students, Madame Hooch taught her students how to fly and play Quidditch, a dangerous game that required a firm hand to prevent students from crashing or killing each other. Hooch was up to the task, providing a stern and competent presence who punish students harshly but encouraged them deeply for their successes. Under her tutelage, Harry became a very wizard of the skies and always stayed calm, even as she was being screamed at for providing calls people didn’t like as a referee during Quidditch matches.


3. Pomona Sprout


Pomona Sprout stands in a greenhouse clad in Herbology attire with a witch's hat on

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Pomona Sprout is a great professor who doesn’t get a lot of screen time but her lesson plans and overall demeanor showcase her as one of the best teachers despite her limited appearances. She follows a logical profession, getting her students used to ‘easy’ magic plants before working them up slowly towards the harder stuff, while making sure everyone is safe and creating a fun environment at the same time with her hands on approach to herbology. She’s pretty great and we only wish we saw more of her at work in the greenhouse.


2. Remus Lupin


The dapper Remus Lupin stands in a well lit room in a suit and tie

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One of the best professors and no doubt the best teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Lupin heads the class during Prisoner of Azakaban. Very knowledgable in his studies, Remus Lupin creates a hands on atmosphere to the work he performs in the classroom, allowing students the opportunity to apply their skills in a practical, yet controlled setting, testing them against real dangers without putting them in actual danger. He’s also humorous, wise, and very down to earth, even taking the Hogwarts Express to get to know the student body better. Unfortunately, his one flaw is that he’s a werewolf and results in his eventual resignation. Although he takes steps to control his other side, unfortunately being a werewolf is a very serious risk on campus and although he never hurt anyone, he could have. Still, Lupin remains one of the best teachers at Hogwarts and a presence we to which it was incredibly difficult to bid farewell.


1. Minerva Mcgonagall


An elderly lady wearing a witch's hat and holding a glass of wine.

Image via Vulture

Minerva is the best professor at Hogwarts, with a tough, no nonsense, and fearless disposition as professor of Transfiguration and Deputy Headmistress, the type of teacher who will challenge you but doesn’t play favorites and always is fair to you in the end no matter who you are. She loves all her students despite her hard shell, and only pushes them to make them excel. While many students are scared of her initially but learn to love her when they truly understand her. She’s a staple at Hogwarts during Harry’s time and becomes a true leader to the student body, just as beloved as Dumbledore. We love you!



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