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Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Sir Ian McKellen, and James Corden Set to Star in New ‘Cats’ Adaptation

It looks like the infamous Broadway musical Cats is currently being adapted to the big screen with the most all-star of all-star casts and we are just pulsing with excitement!!




Jennifer Hudson, Sir Ian McKellan, James Corden, and Taylor Swift have officially been named as four of the luminaries leading this brand new cinematic opus. The film is also set to be directed by Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech, Les Misérables) and written by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) so it is already abundantly clear that this major motion picture will be something major, indeed. 




The beloved kitten musical is based upon the T.S. Eliot collection of whimsical poems and prose all about the psychology of the feline mind, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, and is the largest grossing and most translated musical (with over $340-million grossed and twenty languages translated to) in existence. It seems like a new adaptation was ultimately inevitable (and it’s a little surprising it hasn’t happened sooner)!



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The story itself takes place within the world of a group of cats known as the Jellicles as they prepare for the Jellicle Ball, where the Jellicle leader will choose one, lucky feline and grant them an extra life. It’s strange, campy, a little grotesque, and unlike anything else you will ever see!


The new adaptation will begin filming in the UK in November (and we cannot wait)!






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Which is Which: Taylor Swift Lyric or John Green Quote?

Taylor Swift made it perfectly clear on Twitter once that John Green is one of her favorite writers ever, and John Green also expressed that he is an avid fan of the pop singer. During the shooting  of the film adaptation of Paper Towns, Green and Swift made a series of exchanges on social media that quickly gained the attention of their fans.

So to that extent have they influenced each other in their respective careers? Take this quiz now to see if you can tell the difference between a Taylor Swift lyric and a John Green quote.


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The Internet Can’t Get Enough of this Taylor Swift-Harry Potter Mash-Up

The Harry Potter franchise has spawned spin-offs, movies, an illustrated edition, and even a play. But until now, it never had a Hogwarts/Taylor Swift mash-up video.

That hole in our hearts has finally been filled by “Taylor Swift & Harry Potter Parody Mashup,” a video posted on Youtube this month by user weasleysweaters. With melodies lifted from Taylor Swift’s mega-hits and lyrics that are filled with references to the Harry Potter series, the video has become a viral sensation. It has also become our new favorite thing on the Internet. Check it out:

The video is the creation of a Los Angeles-based “Harry Potter Superfan” named Kate Parkin. Parkin makes her living as an actress, and her showmanship is clear in the video. She comes armed with costumes, props, and an arsenal of Harry Potter references that fit seamlessly into Taylor Swift’s original melodies.

This isn’t the first time that Parkin has made a Harry Potter parody video. She’s produced several others, including “Do You Wanna Build a Horcrux?” (to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman,” from Disney’s Frozen). You can check out all of Parkin’s Harry Potter mashups on her YouTube page.