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Do You Know the Story Behind Your Favorite Song?

Happy National Jukebox Day everyone! We all know that songs are are used to tell stories of the past. From tribal chants that tell tales of ancient civilizations to even nursery rhymes that describe the horrors of the plague that ravaged Europe. So let’s take a look at five songs that are either inspired, retell or based on a written story. 


5-Love Story by Taylor Swift

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We can’t make a list without discussing Taylor Swift Love Story. Taylor sings to the boy she is pining after that all he has to do is “just say yes,” even though its against her dad’s wishes because it’s a “love story.”  The song is re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s most famous play Romeo and Juliet. Taylor envisions herself as Juliet Capulet and her star-crossed lover as Romeo Montague try to begin their love story despite their family’s long standing blood feud. Even in the video she portrays herself as a princess in a castle waiting to be saved by her prince.


4-November Rain by Guns N’ Roses

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November Rain is one of Guns N’ Roses most famous songs within their amazing catalog of music. Its music video depicts the story of a musician (played by Axl Rose) who’s lifestyle leads to the death of his wife (played by then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour.) Interestingly, this larger than life song is based on the short story Without You by Del James within his book The Language of Fear: Stories, a story about alcoholic and drug addict musician Mayne Mann, lead singer of a band named Suicide Solution, whose lifestyle causes the deterioration of this relationship with his wife. I won’t spoil the end of the story but I recommend reading it!


3-Xanadu by Rush

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Rush’s song, Xanadu to one of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s three great poems, Kubla Khan or a Vision in a Dream. The poem was written after Coleridge had an opium-influenced dream after he read a work that describes a man named Kubla Khan that travels Xanadu and found a fantastical amount of wonders. Xanadu was the summer palace of the Mongol ruler and Emperor of China, Kublai Khan. The song categorized as progressive rock that, spends approximately five of its eleven minutes with instrumental filled with synthesizers before getting to a retelling of the poem where a man who describes himself as a “mad immortal man” that waits for the world to end that came to Xanadu because he searched for immortality.


2-For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica


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The song For Whom the Bell Tolls, written by Metallica, is not retelling of the story of For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, but it does describe the process of modern warfare as does the book that takes place during the “Spanish Civil War” which is viewed as the ‘dress rehearsal’ of World War Two. The song mainly borrows from chapter twenty-seven when the scene of five men are obliterated by the airstrike, as they wait for their death. The book follows Robert Jordan an American Spanish Language instructor that volunteers and involves himself with a Republican Guerilla Group.   


1-I am the Walrus by The Beatles

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The song, I am the Walrus written John Lennon and Paul McCartney was a reference to ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter a poem written by Lewis Carroll that was told in his book, Through the Looking-Glass. The poem is about a walrus and a carpenter that trick a group of well dressed young oysters, so that the can eat them. The poem is recited to Alice by Tweedledee and Tweedledum. After hearing the poem Alice tries to decide which of the two characters were the more sympathetic. The funny part is that when John Lennon was asked why he used the Walrus, he admitted that he regrets using the Walrus because he didn’t realize that he was the villain of the story.



So next time you listen to your favorite song, take a look at the lyrics. Don’t be afraid to look up background information on the band as well. the You never know what story might find that inspired it.


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All-star cast

Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Sir Ian McKellen, and James Corden Set to Star in New ‘Cats’ Adaptation

It looks like the infamous Broadway musical Cats is currently being adapted to the big screen with the most all-star of all-star casts and we are just pulsing with excitement!!




Jennifer Hudson, Sir Ian McKellan, James Corden, and Taylor Swift have officially been named as four of the luminaries leading this brand new cinematic opus. The film is also set to be directed by Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech, Les Misérables) and written by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) so it is already abundantly clear that this major motion picture will be something major, indeed. 




The beloved kitten musical is based upon the T.S. Eliot collection of whimsical poems and prose all about the psychology of the feline mind, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, and is the largest grossing and most translated musical (with over $340-million grossed and twenty languages translated to) in existence. It seems like a new adaptation was ultimately inevitable (and it’s a little surprising it hasn’t happened sooner)!



Image via Amazon


The story itself takes place within the world of a group of cats known as the Jellicles as they prepare for the Jellicle Ball, where the Jellicle leader will choose one, lucky feline and grant them an extra life. It’s strange, campy, a little grotesque, and unlike anything else you will ever see!


The new adaptation will begin filming in the UK in November (and we cannot wait)!






Featured Image via Twitter

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano’s New Book Is All About the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

It’s interesting how certain aspects of fashion become popular. More so than what gets seen at runway shows, it’s about who ends up photographed wearing something. As an audience, we end up reading an article and reading the caption of who the celebrity of the moment is wearing. That’s why it’s considered a badge of honor for designers to have their looks worn to any major red carpet event.


Christian Siriano would love for all his work (and fashion in general) to be appreciated for the art that it is, regardless of who wears it. It was for this reason that he wrote Dresses to Dream About.


Dresses to Dream About

Image Via Amazon


He told Glamour that the reason his book exists is so that, “people see beautiful things for what they are.” Fans first met Siriano when he won season four of the show Project Runway. Victoria Beckham was a judge that season and quickly became one of Siriano’s many celebrity clients. He’s since scooped up many famous clients including Rihanna, Shailene Woodley, and Taylor Swift. He also very famously dressed Leslie Jones for the premiere of the Ghostbusters reboot when many other designers refused to.


In his book, Siriano was sure to include some of his favorite designs, not just the one’s we’ve already seen photographed. Christian Siriano has a high-end label and a unique eye. There’s no doubt that his book is extremely cool to look at. You can order Dresses to Dream About here!


Feature Image Via People

Taylor Swift badly photoshopped into Jafar

Today Was a Fairytale, and Taylor Swift is the Disney Villain

If you’ve seen Taylor Swift’s newest music video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ or the lyric video, or her new line of serpent specific merch, or have been on the internet, it shouldn’t surprise you that the pop princess has fully embraced her new reputation as a capital-S Snake.


You know who else is a big-ass snake? Jafar.


Jafar as a snake, and Kanye as Aladdin

Image Courtesy of Bustle


Disney’s Wiki article on Jafar is surprisingly in-depth and surprisingly really harsh. 


Like numerous clinically-diagnosed psychopaths, Jafar wears a metaphorical mask of normalcy, establishing himself as a cool-headed schemer and gaining the trust of those around him. An emotional sadist, he gets a laugh out of seeing another fellow’s dreams turn into nightmares one by one.


Sound familiar? Although, let me be very clear (because I’m afraid of Taylor Swift’s legal team): I do not condone any accusations or rumors of Taylor Swift’s alleged psychopathic behaviors, clinically diagnosed or otherwise. 


Jafar is the most stylish and fashion-forward character of the franchise. He’s tall, bony, dressed in extravagant red clothing, and carries a gold, ruby-eyed, cobra-headed staff.


Taylor Swift in her new video, Look What You Made Me Do

Image Courtesy of Taylor Swift


Am I wrong?


Not fantastic photoshop of Taylor Swift as Jafar and Selena Gomez as Iago

Images Courtesy of HelloGiggles, AccessHollywood (Taylor), and GodReports (Selena)


Seriously though, am I wrong???


Following the release of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, I figure we’re around the point in The Return of Jafar where Jafar makes his debut as a genie. Powerful, vindictive, and very well accessorized. But there’s no way he’s actually in charge. After all, he’s the guy granting the wishes.


At the end of OG Aladdin, Jafar’s in hiding. Call it house arrest, call it unpopularity. What was T Swift even up to after Kim’s Famous Snapchat receipts? Plotting her revenge, apparently. 


Aladdin except it's Kim and Kanye, and Kris is the genie because

Images Courtesy of the Independent (Aladdin), Daily Mail (Kris), Kim Kardashian West, and Biography.com (Kanye)


So what happens next? Will The Return of Taylor suck as much as The Return of Jafar? And what about the sequel to the sequel? How will Aladdin and the King of Thieves pop up? Jafar isn’t even in King of Thieves!


If you ask me, this whole feud should have been direct-to-DVD.

Featured image courtesy of Disney, AccessHollywood, and how entertained I am by Photoshop.

Taylor Swift in LWYMMD video

Look What Taylor Swift Has Made Us Do!

At the end of Taylor Swift’s new video for Look What You Made Me Do, a version of herself states that she would ‘very much like to be excluded from this narrative.’ It’s referencing the caption of a post she made last year about her ongoing feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which began with West dubbing Swift ‘that bitch’ in his song Famous. With so many different narrative threads explored within this elaborate video, it begs the question of which narrative does Swift want to be a part? 


I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative

Via Giphy


LWYMMD and the accompanying video (a mash-up of almost-too-many references, styles, and images to decipher) have not gone down particularly well on the internet or Planet Earth. Much of it appears to be a response to what was generally perceived to be Swift’s take-down at the hands of one Kim Kardashian last year. The video has left fans, haters, and normal civilians alike somewhat baffled. But we’ve decided to take a literary look at the many narratives strung through this video to see what new meanings can be found, what imagery and metaphors Swift employs, and if there is more than meets the eye.


Look what you’ve made us do, Taylor! 


The video opens with a ‘crows cawing over graveyard’ scene, which would in theory be worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, but in practice is actually kind of strangley animated. It really wouldn’t look out of place in a discount store’s Halloween commercial. ‘Come on down to Swift Town and get yer pumpkins fifty percent off!’ A zombified Swift claws her way out of a grave marked with her own name (part of a larger arrangement of tombstones spelling out TS). She looks eerily like beloved-corpse Billy Butcherson from Disney’s Hocus Pocus. She does not, however, offer us bargain seasonal fruits and instead crawls towards the camera, announcing that she does not like our little games nor our tilted stage. Rude. We worked very hard on our tilted stage. We think it gives us gravitas. 


Zombie Taylor Swift and Billy Butcherson

Image Courtesy of YouTube and Pinterest


Apart from the Hocus Pocus vibes, however, there is plenty more to unpack in this scene. First off, Zombie Swift is wearing the blue dress from her Out of the Woods video: a fairy tale inspired affair from her album 1989. Evidently, this is the first clue that the old Taylor is dead. But with whom has she been replaced? 


On a gravestone in the background is the name Nils Sjoberg, the pseudonym employed by Swift when writing ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’s song ‘This Is What You Came For,’ the first of several references to Swift’s past relationships to appear in the video. Referencing one’s ex is not an unusual tactic for artists to employ and is especially prevalent in the world of writing, be it lyrics (as Swift is famous for), poetry, or prose. W.B. Yeats, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, famously wrote about little else other than his unrequited love for Maude Gonne (well, that and Irish revolution… and sometimes fairies, but you get the picture.) F. Scott Fitzgerald constantly wrote characters based on his wife Zelda, and, if Daisy Buchanan is anything to go by, they were not particularly flattering.


The camera then pans upward to reveal a more intact version of Swift lying in the grave and then suddenly…in a bathtub of treasure. The sparkling jewels and lavish surroundings immediately bring to mind the luxurious courts of the questionably-intentioned monarchs present in so many fairy tales.


gif of bathtub scene

Via Metro


Snow White and the Huntsman, the hit-and-miss 2012 spin on the classic tale, features Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) bathing in a sparkling tub surrounded by gargoyles, even crossing her arms across her chest in the same manner as Swift. Clearly, Swift is likening herself to beautiful, dangerous villains, as opposed to the fairty tale princesses she so often portrayed in her older videos. All hail a new, not-to-be-messed-with Taylor, who makes threatening motions and crunches diamonds betwixt her pearly whites.


Queen Ravenna bathing

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


The next scene is entirely snake-themed. One can only assume this is a reference to Kim Kardashian branding Swift a ‘snake.’ Kardashian called her a snake after Swift released a recording of a phone call between Swift and Kanye West in which she appears to agree to some (but not all, it must be noted) of West’s lyrics about her in his song Famous. Afterward, Swift claimed she had never been told about the lyric in which he refers to her as ‘that bitch,’ and, in fairness, those words do not appear on the call. The snakes in this scene, however, appear to be at Swift’s beck and call. They slither at her feet, one even hovering beside her, pouring her tea.


Snake Pours Tea for Swift

Image Courtesy of YouTube


Swift drinks what the snake offers, and we all know the symbolism behind the consumption of goods offered by a serpent. Is Swift, in referencing Original Sin, actually touching on the misogyny that she and so many other female artists endure? And, if this is the case, she may be turning this narrative on its head by having the snakes in the scene pander to her. She even wears serpentine jewelry, perhaps allying herself with the snakes, implying that she is reclaiming her own narrative from the hands of the sexist media. Am I reading too much into this?


With a bang, prompting a flair of cobras out from behind her throne, Swift is in a crashed car, head flung back, hanging at awkward angles from the flaming wreckage as the paparazzi scream and flash their cameras. She holds in her hand a Grammy award (perhaps representing a certain award Kanye West begrudged her), while a leopard matching the decor of the vehicle, sits in the passenger seat. Does this cat represent the ferociousness and fierceness needed to deal with the demands of fame and pressures of the bloodthirsty tabloid press? Throughout this scene, Swift chants the titular refrain, ‘look what you just made me do,’ implying the paparazzi are to blame for the crash, and clearly hinting at the damaging effect that celebrity worship/condemnation can have on the individual. 


Taylor in the crashed car

Via Giphy


In the next scene, Swift is swinging like a circus acrobat within a large bird cage. Of course there are themes of entrapment here. The cage is surrounded by men in suits who resemble bodyguards, while Swift herself performs high on her pedestal-like perch. While this scene may visually appear incongruous with the previous one, when broken down, the two scenes deal with many of the same issues: the pressures and restrictions of fame.


The caged bird theme is popular in literature, for example Maya Angelou’s famous poem ‘Caged Bird,’ which contains the verse:


But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage

Can seldom see through his bars of rage

His wings are clipped and his feet are tied

So he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill

Of things unknown but longed for still

And his tune is heard on the distant hill for

The caged bird sings of freedom.


In the final lyrics of this scene, Swift sings, ‘You asked for a place to sleep / locked me out then threw a feast.’ Perhaps she is referencing certain people whom she feels have used her to further their own fame (*cough* Kanye *cough*).


Taylor in the cage

Via Giphy

The next scene cuts between Swift and a team of ‘cat’ burglars wearing feline heads robbing a streaming service, and Swift leading a biker gang. Swift famously did not allow her music to be streamed on services like Spotify for some time, accusing them of “failing to properly value musicians’ art.” Also briefly included in this scene is the image of biker gangs, notoriously macho boys’ clubs.  Again, we see the Swift subverting the narrative in her own favor and seemingly taking back power on all sides. 


T Swift robbing a streaming service

Image Courtesy of Just Jared


Cut to Swift standing on a platform in dominatrix garb, overlooking an army of robotic dominatrix women seemingly wrapped in plastic. The word ‘SQUAD’ is emblazoned on either side of the stage, referencing Swift’s famous entourage of models and actors including Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid, and Haim. The army of sexualized women is reminiscent of many a dystopian text, from Margaret Atwoods The Handmaid’s Tale to Louise O’Neill’s Only Ever YoursHere Swift is yet again taking back the narrative of the over-sexualized pop star and parodying it.


Swift then stomps through double doors, backed up by dancers wearing shirts emblazoned with ‘I <3 TS’, the same slogan on the shirt worn by actor Tom Hiddleson while partying with Swift and her squad last year. Swift and Hiddleson were romantically linked at the time, but both received much ridicule in the press over the shirt. This reference would appear to be more a dig at the media than at Hiddleson, but who knows. Could the legion of male back up dancers under Swift’s command (all wearing the infamous shirt) be a shot worthy of Hemingway? Hemingway famously held a grudge against his ex-wife Martha, describing a character based on her as having “more ambition than Napoleon and about the talent of the average High School Valedictorian.” 


I Heart TS

Image Courtesy of Metro


We then see Swift perched on an airplane, joyfully sawing off its wings. Again we’re reminded of the clipped wings of the bird in Maya Angelou’s poem, but could it also be a reference to self-sabotage or ‘playing the victim,’ something of which Swift has so often been accused


After this comes perhaps the most disturbing section of this video. Swift appears at the base of a huge neon ‘T’, atop a pile of writhing versions of her past selves, calling to mind classic paintings of souls suffering during the apocalypse. The previous incarnations of Swift fight in an attempt to claw their way to the top as the ‘actress starring in your bad dreams’ stands above them. She seems to have emerged from their midst as their leader. The pile then splits apart, Swift flying hither and yon as the New Taylor takes a phone call. 


Junior Taylor being kicked in the face

Via Giphy


She announces that the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, because she’s dead. We had, by now, gathered this but it’s always good to receive clarification, this time in the form of both verbal confirmation, and the sight of all the previous Taylors floating lifeless through the air, followed by a flash appearance from zombie Taylor. 


Cuz She's Dead

Via Giphy


As the song draws to a close, ‘look what you made me do’ is chanted over a montage of all the different scenes throughout the video, eventually coming back to the mutilated plane, in front of which stand 15 versions of Taylor. All of these incarnations repeat accusations often leveled at Swift, such as being ‘so fake,’ looking ‘surprised all the time,’ and ‘playing the victim.’ As the Taylors argue, one Taylor (perhaps the truest Taylor, if such a thing exists) speaks into her microphone, saying ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,’ and is yelled at to ‘shut up.’ 


Playing the victim gif

via Giphy


Swift wants to be excluded from all the narratives that have led her to this point, from her unsustainable innocent country singer persona (no one can stay a teenager forever), to ‘feuding with reality stars’, to the various other situations in which she has felt victimized and exploited. Clearly the narrative of which Swift does wish to be apart is her own, the one that takes back the power from those who mock her, those who seek to profit from her or with whom she has, ahem, bad blood. This video, though it may initally appear somewhat messy, is actually quite a cohesive response to an accumulation of issues with which Swift has dealt. Using recognizable imagery from literature and popular media, Swift has managed to covered a huge array of problems, from the pressures of stardom, to misogyny, to personal fallings-out, all of which she wishes to leave behind her as she enters a new phase.


However, in the end, it’s impossible to see who the new Taylor really is. Now that she has pinpointed the many worlds from which she wishes to be left out, hopefully her next video will reveal the self she really wishes to present. 



Featured Image Courtesy of E! Online