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6 Facts About Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’

While most people only know of the The Shining thanks to the film adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King’s 1977 novel was published today, and to celebrate a story that has revolutionized the horror genre, here are a list of fun facts.


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6. the location of the overlook hotel was entirely arbitrary

After writing Carrie and ‘Salem’s Lot, which were both set in small towns in Maine, Stephen King wanted to, in his own words, “spend a year away from Maine so that my next novel would have a different sort of background.” To decide where his next story was to take place, he opened an atlas of the United States on a kitchen table and set his finger down a random location, which just so happened to be Boulder, Colorado. Curiously, though, King seems to have abandoned this strategy entirely, as the majority of his book after the fact have taken place in Maine.


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5. originally, there was a prologue and epilogue

Before The Shining was published, there included a prologue titled “Before the Play” which chronicled the events of the Overlook Hotel before the arrival of the Torrence family, as well as an epilogue titled “After the Play,” though neither were included in the final draft. Five years later the prologue was published in Whispers magazine, and an abridged version appeared in the 1997 issue of TV-Guide to promote the upcoming miniseries. The epilogue was thought to be lost, but was re-discovered in 2016, and both were published in a special edition of the novel released by Cemetery Dance Publication.


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4. king hated the kubrick film

This one may not be as unknown to fans of Stephen King, but to this day he claims he was disappointed by the 1980 film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick, despite it being regarded as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. His criticisms mostly stem from how poorly Kubrick adapted the novel’s themes, as well as how little the original source material was followed. I, for one, have to agree that, as an adaptation, the 1980 The Shining is subpar.


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3. the hotel that king used as inspiration is also haunted

Many believe the Stanley Hotel is haunted, having reported a number of cases of ghostly activity. Kitchen staff have reported to have heard a party going on in the ballroom, only to find it empty. Patrons in the lobby have allegedly heard someone playing the ballroom’s piano; employees investigating the music purportedly found nobody sitting there. Employees believe that particular ghost is of Freelan O. Stanley’s wife, Flora, who used to be a piano player. In one guest room, people claim to have seen a man standing over the bed before running into the closet. This same apparition is allegedly responsible for stealing guests’ jewelry, watches, and luggage. Others reported to have seen ghosts in their rooms in the middle of the night, simply standing in their room before disappearing. Are these real ghosts or simply the imaginations of the inhabitants hijacked by the novel’s reputation?


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2. the novel was adapted into an opera

Who would have thought that a supernatural horror novel would be inspiration for an opera? And who would have thought that the performance would have received largely favorable reviews? Directed by Eric Simonson and premiering at the Ordway Music Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the opera was, according to critics, “an unqualified success.”


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1. ‘The shining’ was the first of king’s book to introduce the supernatural ability of the same name

If you’re a fan of the Stephen King Macroverse (which I explain in-depth here), then you know how prevalent “the shine” is in his books. While the abilities of those that possess the shine range from pyrokinesis to precognition, in The Shining it’s explained as telephony, and it’s the first of King’s novels that introduces it to his world. Since then, dozens of characters have been theorized to poses the shine, from John Coffey in The Green Mile to Mother Abigail in The Stand, and while Carrie was written before The Shining, it’s been retconned (at least by the readers) that her telekinesis was also a result of the shine.


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Lucifer Morningstar’s Tinder Profile: This Devil Can Handle Anyone

The debauchery, orgies, mayhem and all around ghoulishness continues in this week’s Literary F*ck Boy Tinder Profile. With none other then Lucifer Morningstar himself!


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We are moving to another universe to the show Lucifer which is loosely based on the character from DC Comic’s The Sandman written by Neil Gaiman. If you don’t know who this devil is, you’re about to. Lucifer Morningstar is ruler of hell until he decided to leave that life behind for the Los Angeles or The City of Angels. He helps solve crimes with the our other main character Chloe Decker throughout the show but we’ll get back to her later.



Unlike our other f*ck boys so far, Lucifer as the oldest has had literally millennia to have as many partners as possible. He is the definition of a f*ck boy! If anyone needed tips he would be the master to go to. He can “turn anyone” on thanks to his natural charm and devilish power. He’s even claimed that he can sleep with 92 people in eight weeks but don’t hold that against him, he was going though a bit of a dry spell. Needless to say, he loves and enjoys sex and might be borderline obsessed with it.

He’s indulged in orgies, I mean what devil wouldn’t? His lovers have included Eve, like the first woman on Earth ever, Eve, Oscar Wilde, who was straight when he met him and a lot of other unnamed men and women for thousands of years. What a true BI King!  Also, he doesn’t wear underwear on a day he didn’t have sex or when he is planning to. So does he just never wear any, at all? 






The first relationship of note for Lucifer, would be between him and his therapist Linda Martin. This devilishly handsome man has daddy issues; can you believe that? Lucifer would pay Linda in sex for their sessions. It’s not like he couldn’t use the money he has on actually compensating her for her lively hood, instead buying another fancy suit. But to each their own. As their sessions went on she could tell that she wasn’t getting the full story. He actually reveals himself to her as Lucifer Morningstar the actual angel turned ruler of hell so she can fully help him with his problems. She still has him on as a client but stopped the sexual nature of their relationship.

His other, more important relationship is with Chloe Decker. The two first meet when she is trying to solve the murder of a pop star Delilah. After that Lucifer becomes an official consultant for the LAPD, becoming Chloe’s partner and they work on multiple cases together. Chloe is the foil to Lucifer; she’s seemingly immune to his charms. He’s a content flirt and isn’t shy when it comes to how attracted he is to her but she constantly denies his advances. No, no means no dude, hang it up.




He is also very open about the fact that he is Lucifer but of course she doesn’t believe him at first. She doesn’t only until she actually sees, Lucifer’s devil face after protecting her. As well as to no fault of her own being near Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable, physically and emotionally; neither of them really knows why. There is a theory however, that he is vulnerable with Chloe because he chooses to be without even realizing it. More recently in the show, they do grow genuine feelings for each other, sleeping together and start a relationship.



Here’s his profile; B.C.E (“Before Chloe Entered”)


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We’ll have to wait for season five to see what is in store next for Lucifer and Chloe. But what I do know is that they are adorable and are perfect for each other. And I hope the writers keep them together.




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