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#BooksasOutfits Trend on Twitter Has Some of Your Favorite Books as Inspiration

#BookasOutfits trend on twitter has readers interacting with their favorite books in a new and creative way. Book lovers can interact with books they love through the expression of fashion. For this trend, users find some of their favorite books and match an outfit to the book cover…and Twitter is loving it! 

Take a look at some people following the trend! 



  1.  Cute outfits and good book recommendations, what can get better than that?

2. This book lover tried…and succeeded! 

3. A desi version!


4. A penguin classics aesthetic? Yes please!

5. Come and join the fun!

6. It is never too late to join the trend!

7.  This one might be the winner

While we are staying inside, this is a creative way to interact with the books we love. We can find inspiration anywhere, especially with our favorite books at our side. You never know, maybe you’ll find a book suggestion among the outfits you like! 



feature image via Twitter


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When I See the Oxford Comma

Look, I get it. This is the modern world. This is the internet. Punctuation and spelling are fluid and evocative. The linguistics of the internet are fast moving and instinctive, and I love that. But let’s talk about Oxford comma.

I know we’re not passionate about actually using punctuation here. Every time I see someone use a period at the end of a text, I feel the kind of primordial fear I thought was reserved for life or death situations. And don’t get me started on the most ominous punctuation choices of all…..


Sure, it’s the serif font of punctuation. It seems old fashioned at best, effected superfluous. Darn, I forgot the oxford comma, but I’m sure it still made sense.


Image via KnowYourMeme


Context is a beautiful thing, of course, but those would be galaxy brain names for some rhinoceri. You can assume, but you can’t be sure. Maybe the rhino tamer is just a huge history nerd. Here are my emus, Jefferson and Adams.

Sure, people who overuse commas are pedants (eh-hem), but sometimes they’re necessary. If the point is to be understood, why make people guess? Not everyone is going to know your rhinoceros naming philosophies.


Image via edudemic


Grammar doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are all these people, including rhinoceroses. If you’re describing something, no Oxford comma. Or, these are my rhinoceri. Here are their names. Let’s try and take ourselves seriously.

Not to be unrelateable, but just like grammar.




Even if you don’t feel the same, though, the Oxford comma isn’t to be dropped. I don’t know the last time I used a period, but these days, we write for clarity. We capitalize words for Emphasis. Drop what doesn’t work, but keep what does. Internet language is streamlined, and I think that’s beautiful. Let’s keep it that way. But don’t eat grandma in the process.

Featured image via ImgFlip