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Two people reading, their faces obscured by books

Finland Finishes First in Reading Stakes


Finland has topped a recent study into the amount of books read per country.  Norway followed Finland in second place, with Iceland, Denmark and Sweden coming next. Switzerland was sixth and the USA in seventh, Canada in 11th, France in 12th and the UK in 17th place. 


Conducted by John Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, the research examined literacy achievement tests and also ‘literate behavior characteristics’–everything from instances of libraries and numbers of newspapers to years of formal education and computer availability in countries worldwide.


If nations are ranked only on their reading assessment results, Singapore comes out on top, followed by South Korea, Japan and China, however Miller’s study aimed to ascertain how many books are actually being read and the results vary hugely from those of the assessment studies. 


The report states:


“The power and value of being literate in a literate society is played out every day around the world. Many individuals, and even whole societies, make considerable sacrifices to become literate just as others take it for granted.”


The study sees the USA reading for just under five hours per week, which is below average. Let’s get reading, America! This article could be a good place to start! 


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