Warner Bros. Releases New Trailer For ‘Dune’

Dune finally gets an epic new trailer with an official release date for 2021. Let's dive into the sand-soaked epic based on Frank Herbert's classic novel.

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‘Loki’ Episode 5 Explained

Episode 5 of Loki was quite a doozy, so let’s get into it straight away. SPOILERS AHEAD!



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Episode 5, Journey Into Mystery, we catch up with Sylvie interrogating Ravenna on who is really behind the TVA. Ravenna feigns an alliance with Sylvie to find out who is behind everything and how to get to Loki at the end of time.

We pick up after Loki wakes up with four other Lokis before him and a giant monster cloud that wipes things out of existence for good, Alioth is on the prowl. The new Lokis lead him to their hideout where we learn more about them. Kid Loki is the King of this place due to massive repeat he gained from killing his Thor in his own timeline. It seems clear that was what his Nexxus event was and what got him Pruned by the TVA.

Classic Loki tells his tragic tale and makes a blanket statement that all Lokis will ever be were Gods of the Outcasts. Not much is known about Alligator Loki but he sure is cute! But we do know that every Loki drinks, no matter gender or species.

Loki tells them about Sylvie and how she wants to shut down the TVA instead of taking it over and she needs their help. He gave a quite rousing speech, a motivational moment that even Steve Rogers would’ve been proud of. But the other Lokis laugh in his face and goes to venture out by himself.

He instead encounters another Loki and a gang of unrecognizable pruned people. This Loki, President Loki, however looks exactly like our Loki, only he is wearing a clean green suit and fresh pair of horns. An attack ensues because Boastful Loki (Deobai Oparei) betrays his companions for supplies then there is another double-cross. Alligator Loki instigates the fight by biting off President Loki’s hand. He’s such a good boy! During the scuffle, our Loki, Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Alligator Loki and Classic Loki (Richard E.Grant) escape their bowling alley hangout unnoticed.

Sylvie is backed into a corner by Ravenna who either betrays her or saves face when some Minute Men come to apprehend the female Loki. Sylvie prunes herself and winds up in The Void. As she runs from the beast in the sky she comes across everyone’s favorite TVA agent, Mobius, alive and well and driving a get-away car that suspiciously gives me Pizza Planet vibes from the Pixar/Toy Story Universe.

Loki and Sylvie link up and they all try to come up with a plan. The two have a cute, awkward scene as they share a blanket, neither confirming nor denying possible feelings they have for each other. Be it platonic or romantic, their connection is clear. All I want is for Loki to be happy, is that too much to ask for?!

Sylvie insists that she can enchant Alioth, if she could close enough. She gives Mobius the temppad to leave to which he states that he is going to burn the TVA down when he gets back. Loki and Mobius the two unlikeliest of friends hug goodbye.





Loki and Sylvie make their way to the cloud monster and she tries to enchant it. Loki’s distraction isn’t working out like they planned but Classic Loki helps out and ultimately sacrifices himself to aid them. The two hold hands and their connection helps them gain control over Alioth.  Behind the clouds, a huge portal is revealed which could possibly lead them to who is behind everything.

The Void is filled with Easter eggs, a broken down Avengers Tower, a car that might be a nod to the Pizza Planet cars in the Pixar Universe, a fully intact Mijonir under the ground and right next to it, a person in a jar trying to get out. The suit itself is red so I speculated another Scott Lang, because  he can adjust his size to be able to fit in a mason jar in the first place. But the scene moved too fast for me to get a good look at who it was.

We only have one episode left people and we will need to hold each other when it ends. What did y’all think? Leave theories and thoughts down below.





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