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Carrie White Deserved So Much More

For another spooky article this spooky season, I wanted to share some thoughts on one of my favorite horror novels of all time Carrie by Stephen King. She deserved so much more and Carrie is an example of villains who should get more sympathy.


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Her mother was extremely religious, and abusive towards her daughter. She punishes Carrie for getting her period. Her period turned her into a woman which tainted her in some way to her mom. We can look at these points of exaggeration for Catholicism or Christianity as a critique and how it can be damaging to those who follow it and  those who are forced to learn it and not being able to discover religion for themselves.

Then at her high school her peers constantly pick on her for different and who her mom is. She has no one in her corner until the gym teacher steps in and tries to help. But by the end the damage is done. The weight of her mother, the laughing prom goers as they stare at her covered in pig blood is too much, so she snaps. Carrie gives into her power and gets revenge.


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What I am very proud of Carrie, as a character is how her powers can be linked to her growth as woman and as her own person. Much like Matilda and Harry Potterher powers come as an aid to her and make her special. But unlike Matilda and harry she doesn’t get a redemption arch or any type of happy ending and she truly deserves one.




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5 Horror Novels To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

It’s finally October and my favorite season of the year. Halloween will be upon us so if you are a horror fan who likes to binge scary movies or television series, here are five novels guaranteed to get you ready for the Halloween season. But just remember that these stories aren’t for the faint of heart and a lot of them deal with heavy themes so tread carefully.



#5 The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson


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Girl, this house is haunted by some thick spirits. Get the heck out.



#4 Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin


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We never truly know anyone, do we? We never truly know our neighbors. In fact, they could be in a satan worshipping cult. But that never happens? Right?



#3 The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty



Don’t play with Ouija boards. Just don’t. That is all.



#2 Misery by Stephen King


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Does fame really mean that much when one of your fans didn’t like your ending? Isn’t it only right that they hold you hostage, break your ankles and cut off body parts until you write a new one?



#1 Coraline by Neil Gaiman


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Our lives may not be perfect but would you trade your eyes to stay in a “perfect” world? You’d need buttons of course, as replacements. At least you can choose what color they are. They can be pink, vermilion, or chartreuse. But be careful, you might make Mother jealous.



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Stephen King Releases Free Short Story! Check it Out Here!

I know, you were worried that there wouldn’t be any more Stephen King news, but lucky for you, the legendary author of horror and suspense novels has recently released a free short story, Laurie, on his website. You can read it here!


King wrote the story about his wife’s dog, Vixen, who recently passed away. The story is a heartwarming tale about an old man and his pup. It’s just, you know, written by Stephen King so it’s bound to have a twist somewhere. It is only thirty-two pages, so why not read it on your lunch break?


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Stephen King Published a Spooky Kids’ Book and Didn’t Tell Anyone

If you’re a fan of the Dark Towers series, or a fan of Stephen King in general, then you may already know about this children’s book:


'Charlie the Choo-Choo'

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The book, which was published November 11, 2016, is titled Charlie the Choo-Choo and, at just a glance, may come across as your seemingly average, run-of-the-mill children’s story about a talking tank engine and his engineering friend (well, despite the deeply chilling and creepy smile of said tank engine; Thomas the Tank Engine never looked at me that way) but, you can trust me when I say it is oh, so much more. 


According to the cover of the book, the author is stated to be Beryl Evans. The cover also contains one very positive review from the master of novels himself, Stephen King:


“If I were ever to write a children’s book, it would be just like this!”


King has proven his intense commitment to the fictional worlds he creates once more, seeing as Beryl Evans is actually a character from the Dark Towers series, and King, in fact, is the true author of Charlie the Choo-Choo.


The eerily haunting children’s book is purchased by Jake Chambers in Dark Towers III: The Wastelands:


“On the bright green cover was an anthropomorphic locomotive puffing its way up a hill … its headlight was a cheerful eye which seemed to invite Jake Chambers to come inside and read all about it…As he looked down at the cover, Jake found that he did not trust the smile on Charlie the Choo-Choo’s face. ‘You look happy, but I think that’s just the mask you wear,’ he thought. ‘I don’t think you’re happy at all. And I don’t think Charlie’s your real name, either.’”


The book existing at all is an elaborate part of King’s expansion of the story; he’s taking a world he created and building it past the covers and pages, making it all the more real. 


King even went as far as to hire an actress to play the role of Beryl Evans and sign copies of Charlie at Comic-Con.


Beryl Evans 'Comic-Con'

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This entanglement between the fiction and the real is so complex and interesting; it’s not at all surprising that none other than Stephen King would be behind all of it!



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Stephen King and George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin Asks Stephen King, “How the F*ck Do You Write so Many Books?”



George R. R. Martin asked Stephen King the question we’ve all wanted to ask at a recent event in Albuquerque. Martin and King sat down for an hour to discuss many things involving their writing styles and character development. At the end of the hour (around 50:14), King asked Martin if there was anything he’s always wanted to ask him, to which George R. R. Martin said, “Yes, yes there is something I want to ask you. How the fuck do you write so many books so fast?” This is all of us, am I right? You can check out the whole video below or just skip to the end to hear that last bit!



I think we all know why this was Martin’s question considering we’ve been waiting for The Winds of Winter for about six years now. Vanity Fair reported that we can hopefully expect a book from Martin in 2018. It may not be The Winds of Winter, though, as Martin said that he has two books in the works – the other being about the history of the Targaryen family. He mentioned having “good days and bad days” throughout his writing process, which he mentioned again when talking to King, as he asked him if he had a similar experience.


While King said he is still human and has to keep living his life, he somehow writes about six pages a day when he’s working and says that finishing the first draft of a book should only take about two months. Sorry buddy, but King’s got it down to a science here!


So let’s talk about King’s writing process a little bit since he’s even written a book about that! King’s memoir, On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craftdiscusses the valuable writing lessons he’s learned during his career spanning over fifty published novels. Business Insider wrote up a list of twenty-two lessons that Stephen King wants you to know about his writing process. Basically, he comes up with an idea and writes what he wants without trying to please everybody or seem overly sophisticated with unnecessary jargon. He commits to writing about six pages a day and makes sure that he does this to ensure that the characters and the story are fresh in his mind and don’t begin to lose focus if he’s distracted by something else. Usually, the entirety of the first draft takes about two to three months. After that, he sits for six weeks and gets his mind off of it before he begins to edit, to make sure that he comes back with fresh eyes in order to spot plot holes and undeveloped characters. With the editing process he gives himself full license to cut as much unnecessary writing as possible. Lastly, he believes it is extremely important to have a good work and personal life balance and says, “The combination of a healthy body and a stable relationship with a self-reliant woman who takes zero shit from me or anyone else has made the continuity of my working life possible.”


What works for Stephen King clearly does not work for all of us or we’d all have a ton of books out already. Don’t worry, George R. R. Martin, we trust you and your writing process and know that you’ve been hard at work for six years to give us the perfect ending to our beloved Westeros that we all need! No pressure…


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