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Stephen King Meets ‘Dexter’ With New ‘Pet Sematary’ Audiobook

Who better to voice a horrific tale filled with violence, murder and deadly consequences than a serial killer slash suspected psychopath? If you’re thinking ‘literally, no one’ then you read my mind.


Actor Michael C. Hall who played the role of our beloved serial killer, Dexter Morgan, whose moral code and sad childhood made us weirdly sympathetic towards him is bringing life to Stephen King’s deadly novel, Pet Sematary. Hall will narrate the novel for its first ever audiobook.


Think it was terrifying to read? Well just imagine the nightmares you’ll be having when you actually hear it narrated by an actor who played a very convincing serial killer. Yes, get excited.





For those unfamiliar with King’s chilling 1983 horror novel, Pet Sematary follows the Creed family who move to Maine and uncover a haunting pet burial ground which resurrects dead pets (amongst other things). If you’re scratching your head wondering why ‘Sematary’ is spelled wrong, you’ll just have to read the book…or google it. Seriously, read the book though.


Pet Semetary has been a popular horror phenomenon since its release, spawning several adaptations (including an upcoming one which you can read about here). This, however, will be its first audiobook and Hall is sure to bring the haunting voice this terrifying story needs.


In regards to the audiobook, Stephen King said, “Readers have been asking for this audiobook for a very long time. I know the listening experience will be worth the wait with Michael as narrator.”


Simon & Schuster, who will be releasing the audiobook, also expressed their excitement to have Hall on board.


We’re thrilled to finally bring Pet Sematary to King’s audiobook fans. Michael C. Hall is a perfect match for this timeless story, which has long deserved an unabridged production.


Prepare for all the chills when the audiobook is released on March 27th, because it’s sure as hell going to be bloody exciting!





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