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Must-Read Thrillers to Get You Through the Week

Isn’t it a great week to pick up a new book? It’s always a great week to pick up a new book, that was a trick question. However, these new novels are no joke! Thriller novels always leave you in suspense, and these are just waiting for you to pick them up!

1. The Shadows by Alex North


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The Shadows tells the story of Paul Adams, who was friends with murderer, Charlie Crabtree, and the victim. Charlie was always on the outside and, as most people expected, he committed a shocking crime that sparked the interest of a community in the darkest part of the internet – even inspiring a copy cat killer. It’s been twenty-five years and now Paul must return to his hometown to tend to his sick mother, and while back home he learns of the copycat. To add salt to the wound, his mother strongly believes someone is in the house, and Paul begins to believe someone is watching him, which makes him realize that, although the victim’s body was found that night twenty-five years ago, Charlie completely disappeared.

2. The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones


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The Only Good Indians tells the story of four America- Indian men, who are just trying to stay alive after a disturbing event from their childhood starts wreaking havoc on them. They are being tracked by something that is hungry for revenge. Now, everything they left behind in their culture is coming after them in a violent rage.


3. The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter


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The Silent Wife follows GBI Investigator Will Trent, who tries to crack an eight-year-old case that’s similar to one he has now. A woman has been murdered and by chance Will is brought to a penitentiary where he meets a prisoner that recognizes the current crime, because he was accused of a similar one eight years earlier. The prisoner knows he is innocent, and now the real killer might be revealed. In order to solve the current crime and clear the prisoner’s name, Will has to solve the first crime, but it’s been so long that witnesses and evidence have pretty much vanished. He gets the help of a medical examiner, Sara Linton, to crack the case. Unfortunately, when the past and present begin to collide, Will’s life and everything he values is suddenly at stake.



4. Burn Our Bodies by Rory Power


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Burn Our Bodies tells the story of Margot. For her whole life it’s just been her and her mother. Margot knows of no other family, and she wants more. One day, Margot finds a photo that could just be the key to the rest of her family. The picture points Margot to a town called Phalene, so she takes the chance and heads for there, but it’s not what she was expecting. Now Margot has learned that there is some bad blood in her family tree, and there might be a reason why her mom hasn’t returned home. Unfortunately, now that she is in Phalene, she might not be able to escape.


5. Playing Nice by D.P Delaney


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Playing Nice tells the story of Pete Riley, a man who just learned that his son was switched at birth. For the past two years, Pete and his wife Maddie have raised a boy who they believed to be their son and now their life has changed. The Lamberts, the family that have his ‘real’ son, come together with Pete and Maddie to form some kind of unconventional family, since they are able to share this tramautic experience with each other. Then they decide to sue the hospital, bringing about an investigation into what happened the night the boys were switched. Now, Pete isn’t sure if he can trust the Lamberts, and fear that they are harboring secrets. Pete and Maddie will stop at nothing keep their family safe.



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