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‘Sweetbitter’ Author Stephanie Danler Talks Importance of Writing Screenplay Herself

The television adaptation of Stephenie Danler’s Sweetbitter premiered on Starz almost a month ago.  While many books are adapted for the screen by professional screenwriters, some adaptations are written by the authors of the source materials. Such is the case with Danler, who has shared her experience making her novel into a story fit for the small screen.


Sweetbitter follows a young woman who moves to New York City in order to pursue a new life and ends up getting a job at one of the best restaurants in the city. The book is made up of short vignettes, which made the process of adapting it for the screen easier. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Danler explained, “Usually when you’re adapting from a novel you’re taking thirty pages and trying to turn it into three pages of dialogue, but the book already moves at that pace.” 



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One of the biggest obstacles for Danler was to not “overwrite” stage directions. Books are made for describing emotion in great detail, but on screen, actions and body language have to show these emotions instead. “My inclination was to direct through stage direction. What I’ve learned now…is that directions are for the director and the actor,” Danler said. She admitted that, as a novelist, it was hard for her to not micromanage at first, but she quickly learned that the screenplay worked better when she let go of some of the control.


Sweetbitter airs on Sundays on Starz. You can pick up the book here on Amazon.


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Stephanie Danler’s ‘Sweetbitter’ Soars to Starz

Stephanie Danler’s bestselling novel Sweetbitter will be adapted into a six half-hour episode series by Starz the network announced on Wednesday.


Sweetbitter follows the journey of 22 year-old Tess, a small-town girl who falls into a world of drugs, alcohol, friendships, and complete chaos when she moves to New York and gets a job at a renowned Manhattan restaurant.


The novel has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Elle wrote, “Danler… quickly draws you into the sparkling surfaces and the shadowy underbelly of the city… [Tess’s] insatiable hunger for tactile, sensual satisfaction dares you to tag along. The journey is high-minded and dirty, beastly and bountiful.”


Danler will be hands-on in the project, serving as an executive producer. She will also be involved in the writing process, and has reportedly written the first episode already. She will be joined by Stu Zicherman, producer of the emmy-nominated series The Americans.


Though there is no word yet on casting details, production is sure to pick up now that Starz is officially involved. 



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Brad Pitt to Produce TV Adaptation of Hit Novel ‘Sweetbitter’

Big news for fans of Stephanie Danler’s novel ‘Sweetbitter!’ The best seller will hit screens next year, after a bidding war was fought by multiple networks. Starz will be developing the show, with Brad Pitt’s company Plan B producing. 


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Plan B is behind The OA and Moonlight among other hugely successful projects and Sweetbitter is sure to make a splash. The novel, which follows 22-year-old Tess, already has a huge following. Tess works a crazy job in a famous New York restaurant, and Sweetbitter explores the life of food, wine, and drugs into which she is thrust. 


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Bustle has touted Sweetbitter as the next Big Little Lies, and Danler, who worked as a waitress before landing her book deal, has adapted the screenplay herself! No information about casting has been released yet, but judging by who’s already on board, we expect some big names!


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