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Brie Larson Works Concessions at ‘Captain Marvel’ Screening

If you’re like me, and the only place better than a library, or bookstore is a movie theater, then you would completely lose control of social etiquette and squeal like an owl in heat if one of your favorite characters decided to serve you popcorn. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the citizens of Jersey Saturday night when Brie Larson surprised her fans at the AMC Clifton Commons 16 in Clifton. A committee of squealing owls was lucky enough to have their opening weekend Captain Marvel experience enhanced by the woman in red, yellow and blue herself. Not only did Ms. Larson make an appearance, but she full on embraced the role of moviegoer and then employee?

Insider spoke with Susana Moimenta, a woman who took her little cousins to the event:

“It was completely surreal to see her at the concession stand. We weren’t expecting it at all,” Moimenta told Insider over Instagram. “We heard another moviegoer say Brie Larson is here and thought they were joking.” “I am so so grateful that we got to meet her. My little cousins are HUGE Marvel fans and to have them actually meet one of their heroes in incredible. Brie Larson did a tremendous job,” Moimenta added of getting a chance to see Larson. “[I’m] so overjoyed that my family gets to grow up with role models and representation of strong women on screen.”

The endearing thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the community of celebrities, creatives and fans it has accumulated. I went to a screening Saturday myself and thoroughly enjoyed the movie- one because Marvel has perfected a winning formula, two, a character has finally gone super saiyan in mainstream cinema and three, because of simple things that outlined the night. More than the plot or overall message of the film, I’ll remember the young girl three rows back and her loud  “oooohhhhhhh shoot” reaction to a line in the movie spoken by the character Maria- “I’m going to put my foot…” It was the only reaction in a theater full of people to that line, and everyone heard it. What followed was an outburst of laughter all around me, not at the movie but at the young girl’s amusement with a certain character’s gumption. When the credits began to roll, I, with a handful of other people, took a well-deserved bathroom break before returning to a still full theater. The mid-credit and end credit scenes have had that big an impact on the movie-going experience.


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I don’t think anyone thought that Iron Man in 2008 would be the beginning of an entire cinematic universe that would have such an effect on so many people. Multiple movies helping further the battle against issues like representation and totalitarianism while maintaining the simplistic appeal of valour and heartfelt dedication to one’s moral compass. Brie Larson is clearly embracing the love and excitement that surround these type of films while gracefully settling into her new position of superhero. If Saturday was any indication, one of the most important things Brie Larson and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taught us is to do two things in life—-be nice, humble and have fun.



Captain Marvel had a record-breaking weekend, making $455 million at the global box office. The sixth highest grossing movie of all time (internationally).



P.S. That opening Stan Lee montage and subsequent cameo were charming and well done.


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R.I.P. Master Lee. You showed the world that there’s a hero in all of us. 



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Steve Ditko alongside his most famous character

Neil Gaiman and Other Pop Culture Luminaries Pay Tribute to Spider Man Creator Steve Ditko

A who’s-who of pop culture creators have shared their memories and recollections of famed comics artist and writer Steve Ditko, who has passed away aged ninety. Among them is celebrated author Neil Gaiman. A comic book writer himself, Neil Gaiman spoke with The Washington Post‘s Comic Riffs about Ditko’s many influential contributions to the world of comics. “He drew things his own way. And he saw things his own way. I think we were so lucky to have him,” said Gaiman.



According to Publisher’s Weekly, much of Ditko’s art in the early issues of Spider-Man was highly innovative for its era. His drawings broke new ground by truly capturing the urban atmosphere of New York City, as well as realistic psychological and physical depictions on the page.



His early contribution’s to Spider-Man aside, much of Ditko’s work was weird or existed on the fringe. “What Steve brought was grandeur and a view to other dimensions,” said Gaiman regarding Ditko’s work on Doctor Strange books. Ditko was the creative spark behind a lineup of particularly quirky characters including the likes of Shade, the Question, and the Objectivism inspired Mr. A. 



Although much of his work reverberated with many readers and many of his characters cherished by generations of fans and other creators, unlike his colleague Stan Lee, Ditko shied away from the spotlight. Very much a reclusive figure, he was called the “the J.D. Salinger of comics.” Living in the same Manhattan apartment for many decades, Ditko refused most public appearances and interviews.




“I just remember him as so very, very gracious and at the same time so very private,” said Gaiman.




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New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hall of Fame Inductees Include J.K. Rowling and Stan Lee

The Museum of Pop Culture (also known as MoPOP) recently announced the 2018 inductees into their Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved Harry Potter series, and Stan Lee, the 95-year-old Marvel writer behind some of the most enduring characters in comic book history, will join names like Isaac Asimov, J.R.R. Tolkien, Mary Shelley, and C.S. Lewis.




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The Hall of Fame includes both creators and works. In addition to Lee and Rowling, video game series The Legend of Zelda and TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer joined the ranks this year.




Over 100 creators and works have been inducted into the Hall of Fame to date. It is housed with the rest of MoPOP’s exhibits in Seattle, Washington. The full list, along with the years of their induction, can be viewed here!




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Black Panther

Black Panther Prompts Surge in Black Cat Adoptions

Marvel’s recently released Black Panther has managed to surpass any expectations, winning over audiences and critics alike. 


Based on Stan Lee’s iconic comic of the same name, Black Panther has been lauded for helping minority audiences by providing positive representation of strong black characters.



black panther

Image Via Marvel


Lee’s Black Panther introduced the first mainstream black superhero, creating (and inspiring) superheroes that people of color can identify with and be inspired by. This representation can be incredibly beneficial for audiences, particularly youth.


As Rolling Stone put it, “An entire generation of children will now know that a black superhero, society, imagination and power can exist right alongside Peter Parker, Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne.”


Audiences aren’t the only ones benefitting from the film, however. There is another group Wakanda has helped, and it comes in the form of furry felines.



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According to tumblr user gallusrostromegalus, the success of Black Panther has led to an unexpected demand for black cats in shelters near Durango, Colorado.


They wrote:

“Unexpected Benefit of Black Panther: My local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE, because they’ve all been adopted out and named after the characters.”


If the success of Black Panther has indeed inspired the adoptions of black cats then that is a pretty big deal.


Black cats have long been discriminated against; according to Peta, black cats are two-third less likely to get adopted than white cats.


black kitten

Image Via Taringa


This may be due to cultural views on black cats, who have historically been characterized as unlucky and associated with supernatural phenomenon, including witches and Halloween, but this negative association may see a turning point thanks to Chadwick Boseman’s positive portrayal of Black Panther


In a followup post gallusrostromegalus wrote that while one shelter owner disagreed with the idea that Black Panther inspired people to adopt a cat, she did think the film inspired potential cat owners to choose black cats over white cats. They said:

According to Mary who runs the cattery, these cats are mostly being adopted to people who were looking to adopt *A* cat in general, then see the black kitties and go “LIKE BLACK PANTHER” and take them home, so for once, black cats are being adopted first.


Not only has the love for Black Panther inspired potential owners to adopt black cats, but it has inspired the names in which they chose.


“‘T’challa’ is the most popular, but there are a fair number of ‘Okoye’s and ‘Shuri’s as well,” they wrote.


So if you live near Durango and see an adorable black cat roaming the streets, don’t hesitate to call out ‘T’challa’.


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