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Innovative Cookbook Service Is Great for Book-Lovers and Foodies

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie or an amazing home chef? Are you actually an amazing cook or do you just love food and the idea of cooking, kind of like me?


If you identify as any of the above, then you’ll love the new app called ckbk. Created by the founders of 1,000 Cookbooks, ckbk is a subscription service similar to Spotify and Kindle that offers unlimited access to a carefully curated selection of cookbooks. It’s set to launch this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $55,000 (over double its goal) for its development.


A lot of excitement has brewed for this app as it’s found a fresh, interactive take on the beauty of cookbook writing and the sometimes overwhelming pressure of massive recipe websites. The app spawned from a similar idea to that of 1,000 Cookbooks. As it states on the project’s website, “People love to eat, they love to cook, and they love to read about food, but although we are drowning in online recipes, much of the best food writing exists only in cookbooks.”




Image Via ckbk


Founded by food-loving Matthew Cockerill, who began his career in science publishing, alongside award-winning food writer and editor Nadia Arumugam, this exciting new service will give its users access to over 100,000 recipes and more than 500 cookbooks from their collection.


The book selections are carefully chosen by similar chefs and authors who contributed to the 1,000 Cookbooks project, which compiled recipes and cookbooks for all kinds of food-lovers.


The creators of the app have also teamed up with a number of publishers and authors to get licensed versions of cookbooks – a lot of which have never been offered in digital print. Cockerill has also tried to secure the rights of culinary legends that have passed away, so as to offer the classics alongside the more contemporary counterparts.


This new digital cookbook service will be available at $8.99 per month. The app will be similar to Spotify in that users can create “recipe playlists”. It also provides a forum for users to share hints, tips, and recommendations. The platform is designed to help users “‘fall down a rabbit hole’ to discover the best culinary content,” says Cockerill.




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Holden Caulfield

You Need to Listen to Holden Caulfield’s Spotify Playlist

Oh, Holden Caulfied. You have captured the minds of young folk with your phenomenal angst, and sublime dedication to labeling everyone besides yourself as an unbelievable phony. Unfortunately, your creator has passed (R.I.P. J. D. Salinger, January 27th, 2010), but, while your distaste for subscribing to the norm still exists, I wonder what would’ve been playing in your headphones during those drunken cab rides in New York.


Who was motivating your bitterness? Here are a selection of songs that Holden, in my opinion, would have been fond of. It is one of your favorite literary character’s Spotify playlist, a Holden-esque montage of self-loathing that would make Sally Hayes furious, but perhaps Pheobe would enjoy. He would probably call me a phony for even doing this, but relax, Holden. I’m on your side, and will be proud to wear your label as a badge of honor.  Put on your red hunting hats, light up a smoke, save children from falling off a cliff, and enjoy.



Nirvana – “All Apologies (Live at Reading)”


Elliott Smith – “Between The Bars”


Bright Eyes – “Bowl of Oranges”


The Smiths – “There is a Light That Never Goes Out”


The Shins – “Caring Is Creepy”


Kanye West – “Hell of a Life”


Kid Cudi – “Pursuit of Happiness”


The Shins – “It’s Only Life”


Death Cab for Cutie – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”


City and Color – “Little Hell”


Drake – “Teenage Fever”


Lana Del Rey – “Love”


Trash Panda – “Aging out of the 20th Century”


Post Malone – “I Fall Apart”


Dance Gavin Dance – “Death of a Strawberry”


Motion City Soundtrack – “L.G. Faud”


Frank Sinatra – “My Way”


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