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6 Ways to Tell You’ve Found Your Bookworm Soulmate

Do you think you know your friends well? But how you can distinguish that one reader from the group? Or perhaps you’ve met a new friend and are wonder if they are an avid reader like you! Well, here’s how!

You know when your friends are avid readers when…


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1. They’ve read your favorite books.

You invite your friend to over, and when they see your personal library, you catch that twinkle in their eyes like the stars in the sky as they point to your shelves and say, “I read that one, and that one, and that one…”


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2. They understand that books are always better!

You continuously come into agreement that books are always the best medium of entertainment, regardless of any film or television adaptation that may be made!  (well, almost always, *cough* The Godfather *cough*)


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3. Their Goodreads account is just as meticulous as yours! 

One your favorite past times is exchanging phones and examining each other’s Goodreads accounts, discussing your bookshelves and reviews!



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4.  They are as addicted to book shopping as you are!

You’ll spend the day wandering in and out of bookstores, even when you don’t have any money and are reduced to window shopping- because what is life without books?



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5. You binge watch adaptations together so you can discuss straight away!

When you plan to watch a film adaptation or series adaptations on Netflix, Hulu, or what have you, you made a vow to each other to not watch it until you’ve both finished reading the book first!


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6. Their literary Halloween costumes are on point!

Halloween is a deal breaker. This is where your friends show you who they really are. They can dress as Harry Potter to your Ron Weasley or Voldemort to your Harry Potter, either way, they need to show up and show off, as long as its book related!


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If you don’t have a bestie who’s an avid reader like you are then that’s okay! There are many books in your unread pile that are dying to be your friend.


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