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Sansa Stark, portrayed by Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Couldn’t Wash Her Hair for ‘Game of Thrones,’ and She’s Also Grossed Out

On the list of questions viewers have for medieval and apocalyptic adaptations, why are all the women so well-groomed? tends to be pretty high on the list. The question becomes even more troubling when we consider that baby-smooth pits and legs aren’t exactly fitting for medieval time periods known more for their infant mortality rates than for their skincare routines. (The nobility we so romanticize was probably skipping the serum—and the shower.) Even more egregiously, women also frequently wear nude makeup in apocalypse scenarios. (You can’t find food but you snagged some waterproof mascara? Sure.) When fictional women’s personal grooming defies logic, we can assume that patriarchal beauty standards play some role.


'The Walking Dead' female character with perfectly hairless pits in the end of the world

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The Walking Dead in particular emphasizes the divide between women and men’s appearances in situations where personal grooming products should be about as scarce as drinkable water. While the men sport rugged beards to demonstrate increasingly harsh conditions (and also, presumably, to prove that they’re masculine and sexy), women are consistently clean-shaven. Impressively enough, women are frequently able to find sheer lip gloss and nude eyeshadow in life-or-death situations. Is this because the writers are predominantly men? Or is this because even the end of the world couldn’t end the reign of patriarchal beauty standards? Cockroaches and beauty standards, that’s all that will remain. You’ve probably assumed the answer to the question of why does every woman have tidy armpits? was sexism, given how often it’s the answer to other questions. You may not have expected a different answer: the actresses like to feel clean! Sophie Turner has opened up about her experience on Game of Thrones.


Sophie Turner and her gorgeous hair

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Sophie Turner, A.K.A. Sansa Stark, is known for her great hair (and her great everything else, including acting talent). It’s hard to believe she could have a bad hair day—but apparently, she had a few bad hair years. “For the first few seasons I was allowed to wash my hair because I was an aristocratic young girl,” Turner recently revealed. “Towards season 5, they started asking me to not wash my hair, and it was really disgusting.” Her hair would often become so oily that fake snow from the set would get stuck in the grease, which must have resembled some otherworldly dandruff. Looks like the winds of winter weren’t kind to Turner’s look.


Fortunately, Turner and staff finally reached a compromise: WIGS. Now, thankfully, she can “wash [her] hair whenever [she] wants.”


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Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner’s Secret Sausage-Rating Instagram Is Perfection

Game of Thrones has wrapped for the final season and, now that the end is near, it appears our fierce and fearless Sansa Stark already has her heart set on new endeavors…



It turns out the one and only, the stunning and talented Sophie Turner has been leading an extremely secret double-life; bowing out from the media and keeping this hidden from the public eye, it’s amazing she was able to house this secret for so long. But, as of early yesterday morning, this private life is hers to hide no more…because now the entire world knows all about the grace and glory that is Sophie Turner’s Sausage Instagram.




Yep, that’s right. The twenty-two-year-old starlet we all know and love as the cunning and resilient Sansa Stark seems to have a passion for the cylindrical minced meat that is sausage


What appears to have begun in early April and gone on for about ten days is an Instagram account fully dedicated to reviewing the many sausages Turner eats. Taking everything into account from the length of the sausage to the density of the meat, the texture of the casing, the shape, the flavor, and more; these reviews are vivid, detailed, and done with the pure class of a genuine professional. Personally, I couldn’t be more impressed and supportive of Turner as she leads us along this new meaty journey of hers.


Also, in all honesty, it’s encouraging to see a young actress who has been in the spotlight since she was still a child openly post about the foods she’s eating in a shame-free and very normal, matter-of-fact way; these weren’t posted as an ode to fitness or weight loss or clean eating, the way most food Instagrams tend to swing, but were instead posted as an ode to the meats she’s eaten, the ones she’s loved, the mediocre ones, the ones she’s thrown away. (And, like, isn’t that beautiful?)



You gotta live the life mayn

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So, bravo, Sophie Turner; may you always find sausages that live up to your impeccable standards and may you (hopefully) continue reviewing!






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Sophie Turner

Is Sophie Turner’s New Game of Thrones Tattoo a Spoiler?

Turner hasn’t actually come out and said anything of the tattoo, not even confirming that it is hers, but some fans are speculating that this might be a hint of what’s to come in the final season of Game of Thrones. It was actually the tattoo artist, Laura Winzer, who made a post of the tattoo on Instagram and tagged Sophie to thank her.



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The tattoo shows the House Stark direwolf with the quote, “The pack survives.” Now, this is just a partial quote. The entire quote states, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” . Being that only a small part of the quote is included in the tattoo, it is hard to interpret. Because of the dubious meaning, many people have begun saying that it may be a spoiler for Season Eight.


Personally, I do not believe that any actor or actress would get a spoiler as a tattoo. What happens when the episode or movie comes out? Then the tattoo isn’t cool anymore, right? What then? Either way, I think it is great the show means so much to her (if that is her arm.) What about you? Do you think this means good news for the Starks?


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Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner Confirms ‘Game of Thrones’ Won’t Be Back for Quite a While

In an interview with Variety, Sophie Turner confirmed that season 8 of Game of Thrones won’t be dropping until 2019. Also in the interview, she discusses her relationship (friendly) with actor Aidan Gillan, who played Littlefinger, what’s next for her career, and how getting her big break on Game of Thrones has accidentally turned her into “a snob.”


That’s a bummer if you’re anything like me and are desperate for the new season of the best show on TV, but it could also be awesome because that’s a lot of time to perfect the final season. 


When asked how far through production they were, Sophie responded, “We started in October, so we’re maybe like a tenth of the way through. [Laughs.] No, no, we’ve got six or seven months left.”


In the meantime, I’ll get my kicks from seeing photos of the actress with her fiancé, babe Joe Jonas.


Joe and Sophie

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Sophie Turner

‘Game of Thrones’ Title Sequence Makes Sansa Stark a Targaryen

Bum bum bada bum bum bada bum bum…that’s the theme song to ‘Game of Thrones.’ Did you get that? We’ve all probably been too distracted by the dramatic title sequence to notice something off about Sophie Turner’s credit.


Fans have noticed that, at least briefly, Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, had the Targaryen sigil next to her name in the title sequence. Check out the title sequence below (Turner’s credit is at 0:28).



This could have either been a mistake or a hint at Sansa’s heritage hidden in plain sight. Since it seems the sigil was changed to the Stark’s after season one, it seems likely this was just a funny oversight. Although, with Jon Snow officially confirmed to be Aegon Targaryen, it seems no Stark is safe from the Targaryen bombshell. I’m not saying Sansa Stark is actually Sansa Targaryen, but I’m not not saying it either.

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