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Snuggle Up with these Romance Novels

Welcome to your weekly guide of what to read this week, and this week Romance is the genre for you. The temperature is finally dropping, so grab one of these new romance novels, and a blanket, and let it take you away to a fictional land of love and romance.


1. In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

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In a Holidaze, tells the story of Maelyn Jones as she travels to her family cabin for the holidays. Unfortunately, her life isn’t so merry and bright, because she hates her job, and her romance life has just hit a major snag. Now, to make matter worse, this is going to be the last Christmas her and her family stay in the cabin. Mae, just can’t deal with everything, and as she drives away from the cabin for one final look, she pleads for the universe to show her sign of something that will make her happy. Then, she skids off the road and everything goes black, but then she wakes up and she’s on a plane back to the cabin. She’s reliving the holiday again and now she must figure out how to break this time loop and maybe even get a kiss under the mistletoe.

2. Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

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Spoiler Alert, is about two secret fan fiction writers, Marcus Caster-Rupp and April Whitter. Marcus, stars on the TV show Gods of the Gates,  but he is a secret fan fiction writer and he is known as Book!AeneasWouldNever, which he uses as an escape to take out his frustration on his character. His favorite stories to write are the ones he writes with Lavinia and Aeneas, the internet’s favorite couple, but if anyone found out Marcus was behind this, he would get fired. April, on the other hand is Lavinia, and she’s used to hiding her online persona, but doesn’t want to do it anymore, so she takes a chance and post her latest work on Twitter. Of course her work goes viral, and with viral stuff, comes with internet trolls who won’t stop commenting on her plus side take on Lavinia. When Marcus, sees this he asks her out to spite the trolls, but the date is awful, but Marcus isn’t willing to give up just yet. Especially when he learns that April is his online friend, Lavinia. He wants more than a publicity stunt with her but now he has to keep the secret that he’s the online Aeneas. But with their hearts on the line, can Marcus come clean or will he just give up the fan fiction.

3. Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

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Crazy Stupid Bromance, tells the story of two best friends, Noah Logan and Alexis Carlisle. Alexis, owns a cat café called ToeBeans, and it has been getting a lot of buzz lately, but that’s because she came forward as a victim of sexual assault from a celebrity chef. When another new customer shows up, Alexis, thinks the woman is going to share her story with her, but instead she tells Alexis, that they’re sisters. So, Alexis turns to Noah, for help. Noah has been madly in love with Alexis for years, and when she comes to him for help, he thinks now would be a good time to tell her how he feels. He turns to his Bromance book club for her, and they all share their tales of getting out of the friendzone, but Noah starts to worry that he could risk losing the best friendship he ever had.

4. Love Your Life by Sopie Kinsella

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Love Your Life, tells the story of Ava who thinks love should be found in the real world. She doesn’t believe in dating apps, especially after a disaster she had with one. Ava, is also dealing with a recent breakup, so she decides to put love on the back burner and go to a writing retreat to finally start on her novel. While at the retreat she isn’t allowed to use her real name, so she goes by Aria, and when the material arts retreat is cancelled, some of the participants join the writers, and Ava, meets Dutch. Dutch, seems too good to be true, but they end up agreeing to a baggage-free love affair and go on many adventures together. However, the two have to return home, and now Dutch, real name Matt, and Ava don’t seem as compatible as they were as Aria and Dutch. They do love each other, but their lives? Not so much. Can they work together and build one life together?

5. Simmer Down by Sarah Smith

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Simmer Down, tells the story of Nikki DiMarco, who quit her dream job to her mom run her food truck. Nikki and her mom are serving up some delicious Filipino dishes to people on the beach, but Nikki didn’t realize how tough the food truck competition is. Nikki has now bumped heads with Callum James, the owner of a British food truck who purposely set up shop right next to their truck. Now, he’s stealing all of their customers and Nikki is fuming. So, they make a bet and decide whoever wins the Maui Food Festival, gets to keep the spot. Of course as their rivalry continues, Nikki begins to see a different side to Callum, a sweet and protective side. Now Nikki must decide if she can trust Callum with her heart  and put the rivalry aside.

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