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5 Reasons You’ll LOVE The New “Red Rising” Book

Best-selling author Pierce Brown is BACK with an inter-galactic bang in the newest installment of the Red Rising prequel series Sons of AresSons of Ares, Volume 2: Wrath, is the second book in the graphic novel series, and was recently released in hardcover. (Psst, we even have a few copies to giveaway – alongside some exclusive merch. You can enter here.)

Here are five reasons that you’ll love this new release.

1. The plot

The plot is the key to any good book, and the plot of Wrath does NOT disappoint. Longtime fans of Red Rising will be able to dive deeper into the world of the series, learning more about the origins of the Sons of Ares and the motivations of characters in their futures. For newcomers, although we don’t recommend jumping straight into it without Volume 1 for context, the plot is accessible and exciting, it will leave you reeling and eagerly starting your own Red Rising journey.



2. The artwork

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The artist, Eli Powell, has given the series a serious edge with his visceral artwork for the novel. The grit of the story’s society really comes to light with the harsh tones and lines. The scenes of drama are violent and vibrant, bringing the storyline and visuals together.

3. the action

Speaking of vibrant violence, the novel has plenty. The original Red Rising series doesn’t hide from the violent side of the caste societal system, and Wrath is no exception. Witness Fitchner on his quest for revenge, from which nobody is truly safe. There are plenty of showdowns and fights throughout the book to keep all readers engrossed and grossed out – depending on your disposition.

4. The difference

Fans of the Red Rising series may not inherently be fans of graphic novels, too. Brown’s use of the graphic novel as the vehicle for the prequel series opens it up as a genre to those unfamiliar with it. You’ll love getting to change up your reading style and get hooked into a visual read.



5. eo

In his introduction to the novel, Brown states :

I prefer to think of this prequel saga as the birth, not just of the Sons of Ares, but the birth of that fragile dream of Eo.

And yes, you got me. This was all really just an excuse to drop Eo pics. You’re welcome.



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