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Priests Burn Books, Including ‘Harry Potter’ for Fear of Witchcraft

Looks like fears over Harry Potter being associated with Satan are still around. According to Sky News priests in northland Poland, known as the SMS From Heaven Foundation, have burned a number of books they consider to be sacrilegious, including Harry Potter books. Evangelical Christians have often spoken out against the Harry Potter series, believing that it promotes witchcraft and the satanic arts.


A comic depicting the 'dangers' of the Harry Potter series by Jack Chick

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Religious groups have often attacked the Harry Potter series, with Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic groups arguing the groups promote witchcraft through its positive depiction through the series. Some groups have even called for the books to be banned outright. Numerous book burnings  during J.K. Rowling’s beloved series were destroyed, have taken place, so this latest bonfire is nothing new. The books have, however, been banned outright in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, however.

Other works went up in smoke in the SMS From Heaven Foundation’s burning, such as one of the Twilight novels by Stephanie Meyer. The works that were burned were posted on the group’s official Facebook page.



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