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How To Be “More” Slytherin For Slytherin Pride Day

Today’s March 21st, so, you know what that means. It’s SLYTHERIN PRIDE DAY! Which is absurd given we are the best Hogwarts house. A celebration commemorating the Slytherin house should be celebrated throughout ALL of March. If you were fortunate enough to be placed into Slytherin, you are an ambitious, resourceful, and cunning leader.




This does not take into account our high sense of style! Here goes Draco stirring up some some trouble with Harry Potter. “You can’t sit with us,” Potter!

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Everyone knows that the Slytherin house is notorious for producing evil witches and wizards, however, that is a long standing misconception. You are only evil if you give into evil, which is enough said for me. I present to you, the evilest of them all, the Dark Lord?


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It’s a birthright 

Slytherin is all about tradition and lineage. This house also corresponds to the element of water, which is going to be my main determinate in this evaluation. For all my astrology lovers out there, if you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) you might just be more Slytherin than any of those who self-identify.



Don’t let it get to you though, if you believe you are Slytherin at heart, that’s all that matters. STRUT THAT PRIDE (especially with this Slytherin Edition of the series)!

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Oh and do yourself a favor and watch this video. It will cheer you up!

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