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So Apparently the Word ‘Amazeballs’ Is in the Dictionary?

I was writing the rough draft for an article I was working on and could not, for the life of me, think of an appropriate word for the feeling I was trying to elicit. I used ‘amazeballs’ as a placeholder and, to my surprise, it did not render as incorrect in my typing program. I was super shocked for about two seconds. That is, until I realized that bootylicious was also added to the dictionary after Destiny’s Child made it a thing.



Still, I thought maybe my laptop was malfunctioning or something. So I did what any inquisitive person in 2018 would do and turned to Google. I found that Oxford Dictionary added it, along with ‘YOLO,’ ‘mansplain,’ and other charming new vocab around 2014. The same article I found reporting on this malarkey went on to state that these types of words are not yet accepted by scrabble so we should not get too excited. Upon further research I found ‘bootylicious’ has not been accepted either.


It seems only Oxford Dictionary is jumping on the bandwagon to add ridic slang to its collection, as other dictionaries, such as Mirriam-Webster, haven’t added any of them. Maybe Oxford is just looking out for the future generations… Or, it’s full of aliens from a distant star who need to be caught up on the latest pop argot in order to blend in.



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Whatever the reason, I am not sure what to feel about this. It may be because I am never really caught up on the latest hip lingo (which is completely my fault) that I feel weirdly uncomfortable about it. I can hear it now, “Get with the times!” I know, I know. I am trying.


Oxford Dictionary, you are the main dictionary. I guess I accept your choices.


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