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Fireworks "you can trust" sold here sign.

Twitter’s Unnecessary Quotation Marks Make Everything Sound Suspicious

This morning, I saw a tweet by Twitter user @dracomallfoys in which they have carefully curated a collection of signs made amusing and honestly, fairly ominous, by the inclusion of completely unnecessary quotation marks. 



I gleaned such enjoyment from this tweet that I set off on a journey to discover other examples of the phenomenon of unnecessary quotation marks, and I was not disappointed. Thrill to this collection of “slightly strange” signs spotted by the “Twitter community.” 


Monsters Inc kid looking suspicious

 Via ReplyGif




Will Smith looking suspicious in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Via Popkey 



Note also the unnecessary umlaut over the ‘o’ of ‘Close.’ Unnecessary umlauts are a world I have not yet explored. 


Future 'Okay' gif high quality

Via Popkey 



The baby. She ugly. 





They are telling you to steal this pizza. 




Featured Image Via Sharenator