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Shop Till You Drop With These Tote-Ally Awesome Literary Bags

Are you tired of searching for a way in which to carry your belongings while simultaneously informing passers-by of your interests? Well, never fear! I have compiled a list of beautiful literary-inspired tote bags, perfect from carting all your crap around the place while also letting the world know that literature is your passion! 


hip hop is my passion gif reaction GIFs

You, except with literature. And maybe hip-hop, I don’t know. | Via Reaction Gifs



Punk Rock Authors Tote from Out of Print


Out of Print tote

Image Via Out of Print


When literature isn’t just a phase, mom!


‘Though she be but little, she is fierce’ Shakespeare Tote


Shakespeare quote etsy tote bag

Image Via Etsy


TFW you be but little, but also fierce AF.


Ms. Shakespeare Tote


Ms Shakespeare tote

Image Via Etsy


When you’re really into those Shakespeare conspiracy theories: Shakespeare was a woman, Shakespeare was the queen, Shakespeare was several people…This one’s for you.


Straight Outta the Library Tote


Straight Outta the Library tote

Image Via Etsy


When you need the people to know that though you spend a lot of the time reading, you are also familiar enough with other forms of culture to make jokes. 


I Read Dead People Tote from Out of Print


I Read Dead People tote

Image Via Out of Print


When you are slightly weird. 


Where the Wild Things Are Tote from Out of Print


Where the Wild Things Are tote

Image Via Out of Print


When you yourself are a wild thing, and need the people to know. 


All My Best Friends Have Been Books Tote


All my best friends have been books tote etsy

Image Via Etsy


When you…know what you’re about, I guess?


I know what I'm about son gif giphy

Via Giphy


Featured Image Via Etsy and Out of Print