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Inside the $20 Million Dollar Lawsuit: Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon Accuses Husband of “Shakespearean Plot” to Poison Her

When author Sherrilyn Kenyon discovered her husband had taken out a million-dollar life insurance policy on her, a policy for which he was the sole beneficiary, the truth was as clear as it was horrific: he was conspiring to kill her.


Sherrilyn Kenyon with alleged abuser

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It seems viciously ironic that Kenyon, a bestselling urban fantasy writer, would find herself entangled in such a dark plot. But there was more to the story than the life insurance policy. Kenyon had been growing increasingly ill since 2014 with indeterminate cause. At the time, she felt her symptoms came out of nowhere, and she was “unexpectedly stricken with a bevy of mysterious symptoms that her doctor could not explain.” Perhaps there was an explanation—and it was much darker than even Kenyon could have imagined. In 2018, after becoming completely bedridden, tests revealed her blood was rife with inexplicable toxins: “lithium, tin, barium and thorium,” the suit alleges. Coincidentally, the levels grew high enough to be detected directly after Kenyon’s husband filed for divorce.


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Sherrilyn Kenyon alleges that her husband, Lawrence R. Kenyon II, was not alone in his actions. Kenyon II’s  co-conspirator, Kerrie Ann Plump, worked as his personal assistant. According to Kenyon, Plump first became involved in family affairs when, as a freelance teacher for Tutor Doctor, the family employed her for their son’s education. When the boy’s tutoring was complete, Kenyon II retained Plump… paying her salary with his wife’s earnings. Though not an industry professional, Plump became increasingly involved in Kenyon’s affairs.


Kenyon recalls one instance, in 2017, when Plump served offered her food in a hotel room. When Kenyon shared that food with her cousin, she became violently ill. This was not a rare occurrence. In the lawsuit, Kenyon alleges she would often become sick after eating food her husband had prepared specifically for her. Both Kenyon II and Plump “would force her to eat and become enraged any time she failed to consume.” Once, this took place at the family dinner table—while her son watched. “She does that all the time,” Kenyon II told the boy as the wife and mother vomited onto the floor. “Ignore it.” Kenyon II would later close and empty the bank accounts of all three children, placing the $450,000 in a bank account under his own name.


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Sherrilyn Kenyon is a highly successful novelist with over 70 million copies of her books sold worldwide
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This “Shakespearean plot” against her has also impacted her ability to write, the poisoning impacting her health and career. In a recent letter to fans, Kenyon detailed that her husband was after more than her life—he wanted her intellectual property. She revealed:


[Things haven’t] all been sunshine and roses as I’m coping with the dissolution of my twenty-eight year marriage to a man I made the mistake of putting through law school by working three jobs so that he wouldn’t have to work any while he studied. A man who is now turning the skills I paid for against me as he ruthlessly lies about me and fights me for *MY* copyrights to characters, series and worlds that I had long before I ever met him (something he has admitted to on record time and again) and to books he knows he never helped to write or plot because he forbid me to even talk about my writing in front of him.


Kenyon II has since responded to these accusations:


There is no question that Sherrilyn Kenyon is a brilliant fiction writer. It is apparent, however, that she has irreparably blurred the line between fiction and reality, and these astonishing and unsubstantiated allegations may stand as her best fantasy creation yet. We do not know whether Ms. Kenyon truly believes these allegations or if she is using this newly filed civil complaint in an attempt to gain an upper hand in the parties’ ongoing divorce proceedings.


Kenyon has only been able to recover her health after, halfway through 2018, Kenyon II moved out of their shared household. Although there have been no criminal charges thus far, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation. Through all this, Kenyon successfully ensured her most recent novel, Stygian, hit stores in September 2018.