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Benedict Cumberbatch tortoise

10 ‘Sherlock’ Memes That Will Get You Itching for That Fifth Season!

I will freely admit it: I love Benedict Cumberbatch. I am one of those people who finds him to be mega dreamy, and would love for him to come sweep me off my feet in some sort of romantic gesture. I’ve also been the butt of many jokes because of my fondness for the Sherlock actor; I’ve been sent a fair number of memes poking fun at his rather peculiar appearance. And I can admit it. He’s certainly got some interesting features, but I still think he’s the bee’s knees. 


I recently received one of these memes, and it got me thinking about sharing some of my favorite memes inspired by the BBC television show based around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock. So here are ten memes for anyone who considers him or herself to be the biggest Sherlock fan on the block. Fair warning though, there might be a spoiler or two below. But honestly, it seems to take forever and a day to put out a new season of the show so I’m sure any fans out there will not have to worry about spoilers!


benny c

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic Sherlock memes | Image Via Bookbub




When Martin Freeman began sporting a mustache as John Watson | Image Via Bookbub




Sad Sherlock is sad. | Image Via Imgur




When worlds collide. | Image Via Imgur



mind palace

When you’re a very sassy and snarky, high-functioning sociopath. | Image Via Pinterest




Moriarty makes his physical health a top priority! We can all learn a thing or two from Moriarty! | Image Via Imgur




Of course, after he’s applied all that sunscreen, Moriarty likes to unwind and have fun at the beach! | Image Via Memes Pics 2018




Classic Benny C. meme Image Via Quickmeme



blues clues

Only 90s kids, amirite? | Image Via Deviant Art



makes sense

Their friendship is…complicated to say the least. | Image Via Watchtup



human movies

For every 10 memes, there’s a free 11th, and here’s my absolute favorite non-Sherlock meme featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. I couldn’t resist throwing it in here, because it never fails to make me guffaw | Image Via Imgur


So there you have it, eleven Sherlock memes for the price of ten! What a deal! Hopefully we can see a new season sometime soon!





Feature Image Via Metro

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and Dracula

Sink Your Teeth Into This: ‘Sherlock’ Creators Begin Work on ‘Dracula’ Adaptation!

Rejoice, fellow nerds of the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms, the writing team of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are at it again! Their new project? A television series based around the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, DraculaThe two men are known for their tight lips when it comes to their creative endeavors. Little by little, though, they’ve been revealing more information about this adaptation.




The exciting news is that the two men have finally put their heads together, and announced yesterday that they will begin their writing process will begin sometime “next month.” They have also revealed that within these next few weeks, they plan on fully committing to “getting stuck” into their writing process. Though Moffat has since left as showrunner and head writer for Doctor Who, this news is a bit upsetting to us Sherlock fans who might not see a new season crop up for quite some time. 




It has also been announced that Mark Gatiss would love nothing more than to play the unfortunate inmate at a “lunatic asylum,” R M Renfield. Renfield’s character is notorious for eating live creatures in an effort to adopt their life force. Dracula soon takes him under his wing as a loyal servant, though we can only imagine this arrangement ending in disaster. No news on who the two have their eyes on for the title character yet, however. 




As a fan of this creative team in general, I know I’m bloody well excited to see what new heights these two will take the most iconic vampire in history! 


Feature Image Via SciFiNow and Dread Central

Zoe Kravitz

Who Should Play a Female Sherlock Holmes?

So, Benedict Cumberbatch has given his blessing to the idea of the a female Sherlock and we are all for it. Take a look at our all-female Sherlock dream cast. 


Millie Bobby Brown


Milly Bobby Brown

Image Via Daily Buzz


The thirteen-year-old Stranger Things actor has been the break out star of the show, featuring in a number of ad campaigns, and music videos. She’s also signed on to the Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of Monsters. She’s feisty, confident, and clever and I think she’d make an amazing young Sherlock. In fact, I think there could be potential for a pretty great re-casting of the entire Sherlock ensemble using just the Stranger Things kids. 


Emma Thompson 


Emma Thompson

Image Via ABC


It sort of feels like Emma Thompson has already played Sherlock, she fits the role so well. Her dry wit and twinkling eye make her perfect for the role. We can see her taking down mere mortals with cutting remarks and quick comebacks left, right, and center!


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Image Via CNN


Oprah can do anything. 


Amy Adams 


Amy Adams

Image Via Palazzo Victoria


This is a role for which I am positive my darling, my beloved Amy Adams could finally win her much-deserved and much-delayed Oscar. She’s funny, charming but with the potential for some serious acting and could bring a wonderful new lease of life to the role.


Zoe Krativtz


Zoe Kravitz

Image Via The Reel Network


Zoe Kravitz’s star is on the rise with roles in movies like Mad Max, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 (in production), and shows such as Californication and Big Little Lies. She’s become pretty established. But I’d love to see her lead a cast, and I think Sherlock could be the role for her. Sherlock is cool. She is cool. Perfect.


Sarah Paulson


Sarah Paulson

Image Via Hollywood Reporter


It just feels right doesn’t it?


Featured Image Via Stylecaster


Benedict Cumberbatch Says Yes to a Female Sherlock

Doctor Who recently made headlines by casting Jodie Whitaker as the first ever female Doctor, and Benedict Cumberbatch is open to the same thing happening with BBC’s Sherlock.


Radio Times reported that when Cumberbatch was asked about the potential gender-swapping, he was all for it, saying, “Why not? I don’t care! Sherlockina. It’s coming to you soon.”


Sounds good to us! It’s unclear as yet whether another season of Sherlock will happen, with co-creator and Mycroft-actor Mark Gatiss explaining to podcast A Stab in the Dark that it’s ‘a nightmare to schedule.’  Well, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s busy schedules may leave the door open for a re-casting of the series. And while we’re waiting, we can obviously just get on with life as normal…


What life? I've been away

Via Tumblr


Anyway. Who do you think would make a good female Sherlock? 


Featured Image Via BBC America


Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s Brother, Has His Own Mystery to Solve

Sherlock Holmes is not the only one in the family with smarts and a keen sense for solving mysteries. The top-scoring Basketball player-turned-writer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, just published a story based on the less known, but still popular Holmes crime-solver, Mycroft Holmes. In the novel, entitled Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother has just graduated from Cambridge University and already has a job working for the British government. Mycroft learns of gruesome events in Trinidad from a close Trinidadian friend; people are disappearing and someone is draining children’s blood. Along with his Trinidad-born fiancée, Georgiana, Mycroft sets off for the Caribbean island to investigate. The mystery is thrilling and chilling, with fantastical elements that create an adventure for the reader.  

Mycroft Holmes, played by Mark Gatiss, in the hit series “Sherlock.”

Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/1V8JWWo

While this is Abdul-Jabbar’s first novel, he is no stranger to writing.  In an interview with The Daily Beast, Abdul-Jabbar stated that he studied History and English at UCLA and had always had a strong interest in nonfiction . His writing career has already taken off, with  two autobiographies, a column in TIME, and a number of children’s and nonfiction books.  His interest in Mycroft Holmes stemmed from the original master of mystery, Sherlock, and his numerous escapades, as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  After reading Enter the Lion: A Posthumous Memoir of Mycroft Holmes by Michael P. Hodel and Sean M. Wright, Abdul-Jabbar, “realized more could be done with this ‘older, smarter’ character,” he stated according to The New York Times.   

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, post-basketball.

Image couretsy of http://bit.ly/1V8JZl2

In order to make a historically accurate novel, Abdul-Jabbar did a good amount of research of Britian and the British Empire, and also used his own knowledge of Trinidad, where his family is from. “I know a lot about the culture of Trinidad because my family is from there. Trinidad was also very much a part of the British Empire,” says Abdul-Jabbar.  He incorporates racial bias and social struggles in Mycroft Holmes, highlighting the detective’s open-mind in befriending anyone, regardless of race or class, in a time of extreme bigotry.  Abdul-Jabbar has also given his co-author, Anna Waterhouse, immense praise for her help in creating the story.

Featured image courtesy of http://bit.ly/1KydI11