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7 Quotes From ‘Rise of the Guardians’ Author William Joyce to Brighten Your Day

As an artist, writer, and filmmaker, William Joyce’s artful imagination is to thank for many beloved childhood stories and films. With a vast imagination, Joyce has written and illustrated over fifty children books, including Rolie Polie Olie, turned into a TV series of the same name, and A Day with Wilbur Robinson, which was adapted into the film titled Meet the Robinsons. Most recently, Joyce has been working on the Guardians of Childhood series which sparked the film adaptation Rise of the Guardians. The series currently has five books but will wrap up with a total of thirteen.

Joyce has proved resilient through difficult times, using his art to evoke healing and light in times of darkness, not only for himself, but for all of those who indulge in his work. Here are 7 times Joyce’s words made life a little lighter…



“But if you really love to write and you really love to tell stories and you really love to draw, you just have to keep doing it no matter what anybody says.”


“Life is made up of danger and heartbreak, I laugh in the face of both!”


“The thing about artists is a lot of times they end up being successful because they aren’t trying to make money. They are just trying to be true to their vision and that touches people.”



“Old friends sometimes need no words to understand each other.”


“In my stories there is a sense that there will always be losses in life, but you power through them. If you lose something that you love, the memory of that love will sustain you and never die.”



“I think all wishes are the same, really,” she continued. “Whether they ask for this, that, or the other, what they are really asking for is happiness.”


“Whether you want to call it a higher source or the human spirit, whatever it is, I am lucky it’s a part of me… My art is what saved me.”


Happy birthday William Joyce, thanks for reminding us to keep moving forward!




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