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Boris Johnson’s Shakespeare Book Releasing Four Years Late

For those of you who don’t keep up with British politics, Boris Johnson is one of the key figures within the Brexit movement. The process of the UK withdrawing from the European Union has been a messy one to put it lightly. Apparently, it’s gotten so messy that Johnson is unable to finish his upcoming Shakespeare book.

Johnson was set to write and release a book titled Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius. According to publisher Hodder & Stoughton, the book will offer an in-depth look at Shakespeare’s work.


“Boris Johnson explains Shakespeare’s genius in a simple and readable way; in a way that gets to grips with what is really going on, what the characters are up to, what the point of it all is; and in a way that sets the man simply and intelligibly in the context of his time.”


Originally set for release in 2016, the publisher had to delay the book indefinitely once Johnson got involved in all of the Brexit nonsense. Rumors circulated that Johnson hadn’t written a single word. But today, the publisher confirmed that the book will be released in 2020.

Even with the new release date, the book is still creating headaches for Johnson. According to Daily Mail UK, Johnson needs to pay back his $500,000 advance for the book due to the lengthy delay.

Would you read Johnson’s book?



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'Mean Girls' characters dressed in Shakespearean style

Get Ready for New Shakespearean ‘Mean Girls’ Book

You might be familiar with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies—hopefully more as a book than as individual concepts. Pride is okay in small doses, and, while prejudice might be more common than zombies, neither is particularly pleasant. What is drastically more pleasant is the upcoming release of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Mean Girls, a fun depiction the North Shore you remember but in iambic pentameter. It’s not like a regular book. It’s a cool book*.

Mean Girls has always been a cult classic. Now it’s well on its way to becoming a cult(ure) classic: after premiering in Washington, D.C. back in Fall 2017, Mean Girls made its broadway debut on April 8th, 2018. Since then, this hilarious tale of adolescence has come to esteemed venues in Philadelphia and Boston. Soon, it’ll be coming to a bookshelf near you.


"To buy or not to buy?"

That is the question!
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Playwright Ian Doescher will adapt the film into Shakespearean language, drawing upon his experience writing Elizabethan adaptations of various Star Wars plots. Obviously, there’s one major problem with this choice of author: he isn’t Tina Fey. Since he’s been open about his sensitivity towards writing a woman-centric story, we’ll try not to hold that against him. To portray the female cast with as much nuance as possible, he’s incorporated elements of female Shakespeare characters into their design. He opened up about who’s who in Philadelphia Magazine:

Cady Heron is Miranda in the Tempest where she’s talking this brave new world and she’s an innocent in the ways of the world. Janis Ian is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing — she’s sharp tongued and fiercely loyal.

Usually, when it comes to adaptations, we ask ourselves whether or not the movie will be like the book—in this case, we have to wonder whether the book will be like the movie. Aside from the iambic pentameter, yes. Doescher has clarified that the only major changes he’s made to the plot were incorporated solely “for the play’s staging.” Does this vaguely allude to how Doescher will arrange the ‘hit by a bus’ scene? There’s really only one way to find out.

How much money would I spend to get this now instead of April 23, its release date? The limit does not exist.


*Note that we at Bookstr, on principle, think that all books are cool.


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‘The Big Sick’s’ Kumail Nanjiani to Star in Simon Rich’s ‘Any Person, Living or Dead’

Kumail Nanjiani, star of The Big Sick has been announced to star in an adaptation of Simon Rich’s short story “Any Person, Living Or Dead”according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Legendary Entertainment will be adapting the project, with Simon Rich himself writing the screenplay and Jonathan Krisel, whose previous projects include Portlandia.  The story was recently published in Rich’s collection of short stories titled Hits and Misses.


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The short story tells the tale of a man seeking to cure all of humanity’s problems, so he uses a time machine to travel through the centuries to collect brilliant minds to put their heads together to do so, such as Shakespeare, George Washington, and Aristotle. Unfortunately, the man underestimates the different values the men actually held, such as loose attitudes toward racism and violence, make them flawed and he has to stop them from damaging the future.

This looks like a fascinating story to adapt and we can’t wait to see Nanjiani again on the big screen!



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Hilariously Honest Book Titles (Ides of March/Shakespeare Edition)

Beware the Ides of March. I know we’re fresh off of this week’s Honest Book Titles (Part 3), but we decided to parody Shakespeare’s book titles to celebrate the shanking(s) of Julius Caesar. After all—you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself get turned into a Caesar Salad.



1. Julius Caesar

Julius Gets Turned Into a Caesar Salad



2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Good Luck Puck




3. Othello

Don’t Trust White People, Othello




4. Twelfth Night

Freaky Friday


5. Hamlet

To Be or Not To Be, That Was on Point



6. King Lear

The OG Sugar Daddy


7. Richard III

Hunchback of Notre Dork


8. Much Ado About Nothing

The Wrong Way to Get Married


9. The Taming of the Shrew

Would Thou Leave My Dowry So Unsatisfied?


10. Henry VIII

Two Boleyn Girls, One Henry



11. Macbeth

Witches Be Crazy




And now we part with such sweet sorrow until next time, friends. Remember to make your requests in the comments section!



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