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5 Mystical Novels For Fans Of Shadowhunters


 1. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

The book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick follows the life of Nora Grey who is someone that usually keeps to herself. Once Nora is partnered up with Patch, the charming and handsome transfer student in her biology class, her life is forever changed. Once the two begin to grow closer, Nora quickly realizes that things in her life are not as they seem. For readers that are fans of romance, adventure, and angels, this book is the one for you.


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 2. Serpent and Dove 

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin takes you into a magical story between witches and witch hunters. Lou is a witch that has escaped her old life in her coven, now living on the streets trying to survive the day. Reid is a witch hunter that has promised himself to the Church as a Chasseur (witch hunter). The lives between the two become intertwined when they are both forced into marriage. The story between these two characters is very compelling, it left me unable to put the book down until I finished reading. If you are looking for a book with magic, forbidden romance, and delightful characters, then Serpent and Dove is the way to go.


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 3. Crown of Coral and Pearl

Crown of Coral and Pearl by Marie Rutherford takes place in the village of Varenia, but this is no ordinary village. Every few years a prince of Ilaria selects his future bride from this village, wanting the most beautiful girl that he can find. Nor and Zadie are identical twins, but everyone knew that Zadie would be the one to be selected as a bride. When an accident occurs, leaving Zadie injured, Nor is forced to take her place as Prince Ceren’s bride. Once in the palace Nor quickly realizes that things are not as they appear. Deeper and deeper she dives into the secrets of the palace trying to figure out a way to save her village and learn the truth. During her stay she gets closer to Ceren’s brother, Prince Talin, becoming torn between her duty and her heart. Crown of Coral and Pearl is full of romance, mystery, and fantasy, and is all over good read!


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 4. Wicked Saints

Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan focuses on the lives of three power people that are forever intertwined. Nadya has the power to talk to the gods and is currently being hunted by the king and his men for her power. Serefin is the prince of the kingdom who is hunting Nadya and trying to protect his kingdom. Malachiaz is a young man who is hiding his true self from everyone around him. These three characters are set on a journey to end the war that is plaguing their kingdom. This book takes readers on a magical and adventurous ride that will leave you wanting more.

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  5. The Beautiful 

The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh takes readers back to 1872 New Orleans. The book follows Celine Rousseau, a young woman trying to start anew, running away from her dark past in Paris. Celine is swept up into the lavish world of New Orleans, completely entranced by Sébastien Saint Germain. Celine soon realizes that there are dangers that are lurking in the shadows, she must be careful of what she doesn’t know, and of what lurks in the shadows. Murder is committed on the streets of New Orleans and Celine must figure out who has committed them before she is next. For fans of romance, mystery, and vampires, The Beautiful is the book for you.


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