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‘S-Town’ Podcast Being Developed as a Feature Film!

Serial’s well-known true-crime podcast S-Town is going to be a movie!  The podcast is made up of seven-episodes and initially begins with an antiquarian horologist named John B. McLemore and how much he loathes his seemingly quaint town of Woodstock, Alabama.



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McLemore tips off the staff of the American public radio show, The American Life, that they should investigate his small town when the son of a wealthy family had been allegedly bragging that he got away with murder. However, when another person ends up dead the story becomes a hunt to find hidden treasure, the truth behind a feud and revealing the many mysteries behind one man’s life. 



Tom McCarthy, mostly known as the director of the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight, is in negotiations to direct this film. In addition to this, Samuel Hunter, an American playwright known for Obie Award-winning A Bright New Boise, is in talks to write the script. 



The film’s rights were required by Participant Media and, hopefully, they will take the movie in the right direction. 



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