Land of Stories Prequel has a Sequel!

Chris Colfer, the author of the best selling middle grade series Land of Stories, is releasing a new book. Colfer’s books have been flying off shelves since they hit stores back in 2012, and due to the mega success of the series, Colfer released a prequel to the series, titled A Tale of Magic, last fall. Now, a sequel is being released, and is coming out later this year.

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The original series follows twins Alex and Conner who discover their connection to the Fairytale world when they are transported through the old book of fairy tales their father used to read to them. They then learn they are more connected to the world than they thought, and as the series progresses, they do everything they can to save the Fairytale world.


The prequel, on the other hand, follows a young girl named Brystal, who works as a maid in a library so she can be surrounded by the books she’s forbidden to read. One day, she finds a secret section in the library that has a book about magic. Unfortunately magic is another thing that’s forbidden, but of course Brystal reads the book anyway, and as she reads she learns there is magic inside of her. It doesn’t take long before Brystal is caught, but then she is saved by a woman named Madame Weatherberry who takes her to her academy to help train Brystal to become a fairy. However, Madame Weatherberry goes missing and Brystal and her friends go on a mission to bring her back, and along the way, learn Madame Weatherberry’s true intentions for starting a school. Learning the truth puts the world, and magic, in danger.

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The sequel is a continuation of Brystal and her friends’ story, following the aftermath of the first book. A rival school is going to be introduced, and a new witch who is trying to recruit students. This new witch is believed to have some dark intentions, and those intentions are proved right when Lucy, Brystal’s friend, wants to destroy mankind. Also, the legalization of magic has caused an uproar within the kingdoms, and now a clan called the Righteous Brotherhood has resurfaced to try and get rid of magic completely. Sounds like a great sequel!


According to Colfer, the first novel was about acceptance and peace within the world, and this new sequel is about finding peace within yourselves. He also hopes this book encourages his readers to fight the negativity that is taking over the world today.

You can pre-order your copy of A Tale of Witchcraft, here.


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4 Upcoming Sequels and Where to Start

There are a lot of exciting sequels coming up, and if you’ve left preparation for the last minute, don’t panic: here are four forthcoming books and how you can catch before they come out!




1. When She Reigns – Jodi Meadows

When She Reigns
Image via Amazon


Where to start: Before She Ignites and its sequel As She Ascends

A lush fantasy world and slow burn plot that’ll keep you thinking until the final book on September 10th, pick up this book if you want an amazing story that’ll make you feel things. Plus you’ll love the complexity of the characters and their relationships.



2. Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell

Wayward Son
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Where to start: Carry On

This series is a great take on wizard school. We start in the last year. Simon Snow’s got a lot of power, but he’s not good at using it. Also he’s pretty sure his roommate is a secret vampire. And something is eating magic in great, horrible swathes. Also, LGBTQAA+.


3. Supernova – Marissa Meyer

Image via Amazon


Where to start: Renegades and its sequel Archenemies

This is a post-Utopian urban fantasy about villainy and revenge. Superpowers, syndicates, and spy craft make this different from other entries into the genre, and you’ll find the characters awfully charming or charmingly awful. Sides are set in stone, and one person’s interests might contradict.



4. Children of Virtue and Vengeance  – Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Virtue and Vengeance
Image via Amazon


Where to start: Children of Blood and Bone

Magic and it’s users were killed off by ruthless invaders, but now there’s one chance to bring it back. To do so will require crossing territory filled with beasts and magic, side by side with an enemy, but the greatest struggle may be controlling the magic that’s left.



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Do We Deserve Marissa Meyer’s ‘Instant Karma’?

Marissa Meyer is known for her previous series, the Lunar Chronicles, as well as the accompanying graphic novels titled Wires & Nerve, and for the ongoing Renegades Trilogy, the final book of which will be released later this year.

Between the last two, fans of Meyer have hardly been deprived of content, but this week Meyer announced four upcoming books, including something completely new – a contemporary fantasy series.

All Meyers’ previous titles exist along the genre border between science fiction and fantasy. The Lunar Chronicles, for example, has enough space travel to satisfy sci-fi fans, and enough magical power to please fantasy nerds, while building on the foundation of fairy tales to create an epic saga set in a truly imaginative world.

Meyer has announced two future books in this vein, to be published between now and 2023. It’s not clear whether the two will be related, like the Lunar Chronicles, or standalone, like her wonderland adaptation, Heartless. The fairy tales she’ll be adapting haven’t been revealed either. At least we know it’s likely they’ll belong in the fantasy genre, maybe with a sci-fi twist like Cinder.


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The most exciting part of the announcement, though, are the two contemporary novels. This is new territory for Meyer. These novels are also scheduled to be released in the next four years, and it’s not clear whether they’ll be related to each other. The first, Instant Karma, is about a girl driven by her disdain for the slackers around her. She gains the power to instantly punish the objects of her judgement. She enjoys her powers, but soon discovers her powers go haywire when used against her classmate. Through trying to navigate her powers and their limits, she finds out that the difference between virtue and sin between herself and the people around her, may be more complex than she thought.

The second book has no details announced, but is expected to be similar in genre.


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