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Find Out What Makes Seattle ‘City of Literature’

The aim of UNESCO’s City of Literature Network is to “promote the social, economic and cultural development of cities in both the developed and developing world.” The network was born out of UNESCO’s global alliance for Cultural Diversity initiative. Participating cities can promote their local creative scene while fostering UNESCO’s goal of cultural diversity. The types of genres included are literature, music, design, film, crafts and folk art, media arts and gastronomy. 


City of Literature

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In order to be approved your city must participate in a number of efforts to strengthen the market for literary products, be involved in diversifying the quantity and quality of publishing, host a number of literary events and translate literary works from diverse national languages to preserve and promote domestic and foreign literature for future generations. A few landmarks of literary value wouldn’t go amiss either.




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The network currently brings together 1,250 libraries and 130 literary festivals in 28 countries with a strong celebrated cultural literary heritage attached. A few of the cities include Prague, Czech Repubic; Lillehammer, Norway; Milan, Italy; Utrecht, Netherlands; and Dublin, Ireland. Im sure they’re proud to see their literary heritage getting recognition and rewarded. Getting recognised as a city of literaure is sure to boost the tourism economy. There are so many book lovers out there! 


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