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Three to Read | Jan 21st

Bookworm Nehal gives insight on upcoming books in Bookstrs’ Three to Read series, where she gives you three book recommendations based on three categories: Hot Pick, Coffee Shop Read, and Dark Horse.

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Bookstr’s Three to Read This Week 01/17/20

We hear it’s about to get really cold! So, our plans for the weekend include snuggling with a warm cup of coffee, chocolate, and a good book! Tempted? Well…


Check out Bookstr’s Three to Read, the three books we’ve picked for you to read this week!


Come Tumbling down

by Seanan McGuire



The fifth installment in New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire’s award-winning Wayward Children series, Come Tumbling Down picks up the threads left dangling by Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones

When Jack left Eleanor West’s School for Wayward Children she was carrying the body of her deliciously deranged sister—whom she had recently murdered in a fit of righteous justice—back to their home on the Moors.

But death in their adopted world isn’t always as permanent as it is here, and when Jack is herself carried back into the school, it becomes clear that something has happened to her. Something terrible. Something of which only the maddest of scientists could conceive. Something only her friends are equipped to help her overcome.

Eleanor West’s “No Quests” rule is about to be broken.




Why read Come Tumbling Down? Well, who doesn’t love getting lost in a little dark fantasy every now and then? We know we sure do, especially after a long day of work! McGuires takes us back to the Moors for another scary adventure! Stuck in her psychopathic twin sister’s resurrected body, Jack goes to her friends for help. They have no other choice, but to break Eleanor West’s “No Quests” rule, one more time. But, will everyone make it out alive? Get ready to enter a vivid world because every chapter will drag you into a universe of magic! Kirkus praises this novel saying, “Come Tumbling Down is grotesque, haunting, lovely.”



Coffee Shop read

lean on me

by Pat Simmons




First in an emotional, poignant romantic women’s fiction series by acclaimed inspirational romance author Pat Simmons.

No caregiver should ever have to go it alone…

Tabitha Knicely loves her career as a pharmaceutical rep, but even her health care knowledge isn’t much help with the daily challenges she now faces caring for her aunt with Alzheimer’s. Her once organized lifestyle is in disarray and her patience is tested. On Sunday mornings, when Aunt Tweet drags her to church, though Tabitha isn’t a believer, the peaceful presence of faith is a welcome relief.

Marcus Whittington believes in second chances, so he hires former inmates to staff the industrial cleaning service he owns with his brother. When a mystery woman who keeps showing up on his porch turns out to be an elderly neighbor, Marcus is outraged at what he perceives as neglect on the part of her caregiver.

Marcus soon learns that being a caregiver is a demanding, compassionate act of kindness that he has never experienced before. After several encounters with Aunt Tweet and Tabitha, his heart is drawn to the family’s distress. Marcus is determined to help Tabitha, and a friendship that started out with a grave misunderstanding soon begins to blossom into a relationship filled with love, faith, and partnership. Life is easier, when you have someone to lean on.



Pat Simmons plays with our emotions in this novel. She opens our eyes to the hardships of being a caregiver and how, every once in a while, we need someone to lean on. Tabitha and Marcus’ encounter may have started out with a misjudgment, but it turns into a loving and caring relationship. We guarantee you’ll be flying through these pages, both chuckling at some parts and crying at others! So, grab your box of Kleenex and get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride like no other! Publishers Weekly acclaims Simmons writing stating “Simmons balances the sadness of Alzheimer’s with the heartwarming bonds of family and friendship, and the combination is sure to tug at readers’ heartstrings.”

dARK horse

Drew and jot: dueling doodles

by Art Baltazar




Middle school best friends Andrew and Foz’s superhero comic adventure is all about saving the day! But what happens when Andrew’s sister gets her hands on the sketchbook and unleashes a new and powerful villain?

Fifth grade best friends Andrew and Foz are creating the perfect superhero crossover with the power of their imaginations! Andrew’s laser-eyed heroes Drew and Jot team up to fight Foz’s Doctor Danger, as the pair trade sketchbooks back and forth to create their action epic with new characters and new adventures. But what happens when Andrew’s little sister doodles in his sketchbook and changes the world of Drew and Jot forever? Can Andrew and Foz work together to save their creation?

Enter a brand new world of action and imagination with Eisner Award winner and New York Times bestseller Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans, Aw Yeah Comics) where every drawing has a life of its own.



So adults can enjoy children books right? I mean we all have a child deep inside of us, so why not? But on a serious note, this graphic novel is a perfect read for middle grade children. It shows them that it’s easy to make friends, but most importantly it takes them on an exciting adventure! Everything changes when Andrew’s little sister doodles in his sketchbook. Now Andrew and Foz must embark on their own little adventure to save their comic creations. Children are bound to love it with all its eye catching and colorful doodles, transporting them into a world of imagination and creativity.




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