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Young Readers Still Prefer Books to Screens, Study Shows

Young people absorb information more easily from reading from physical books rather than from screens. This is the case, despite these“digital natives” growing up around screens such as laptops, iPhones, iPads and tablets.

According to The Irish Times, “the analysis of how more than 170,000 people are learning across Europe” finds that children and young adult far prefer reading physical copies of novels and longer-form articles, and tend to skim longer pieces of text when reading from screens.

The article notes that those studied were far less likely to take notes or become immersed in what they are reading when reading from tablet or computer screens.

These findings have “implications for how students learn both at home and in the classroom”, according to Dr Ann Marcus-Quinn, a lecturer at University of Limerick who is part of an EU-wide research team. “Just because young people can master electronic devices doesn’t mean that they have the critical skills to interpret texts,” she said. “While there is a bigger focus on independent learning, students still need expertise and help [from teachers] . . . and if students are taking notes, the old approach of using a pencil and pen or Post-It notes has its place.”

While Dr Marcus-Quinn is opposed to an over-all move way from technology entirely, noting that shorter texts like poetry can work be read and understood effectively from screens, according the research, there is a tendency among teachers to underestimate “the negative impact of digital technology when their students read longer texts, while students are more likely to be overconfident about their comprehension ability.”

Dr. Marcus-Quinn is one of close to 200 scholars and scientists investigating the effect of the digital age on reading in the European Union.

Read more about the study and its findings here!


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