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‘Walking Dead’ Producer Still Wants Rick Grimes Movies

Fans of The Walking Dead who miss the cop turned zombie killer Rick Grimes need not worry – producer Scott Gimple is still hopeful for three movies concerning the protagonist.

“We live in a world where everything is changing moment to moment,” Gimple tells Insider when asked if it would still be a trio of movies,” that said [it’s] still a theatrical movie, still hoping to be a trilogy.”


After it was announced that Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) would be leaving the show, the movies were shortly announced. There hasn’t been much information on the project since then. With the announcement of season 11 being the final season, AMC implied a single film already in production. Both Andrew Lincoln and show creator Robert Kirkman are both heavily involved in the project. AMC has yet to say anything else.

One thing is for sure, though; everyone is dead set on this project.

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Marie Lu’s ‘Warcross’ Set to Hit the Screen as a Television Series

'Warcross,' Marie Lu's science fiction sensation is coming to the screen in the form of a television series. Bruna Papandrea's Made up Stories and John Cameron have optioned for the adaptation, read to learn more!

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Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’ Gets Film Remake

The Stephen King novel Firestarter was originally given the big screen treatment in 1984, but low-budget horror film powerhouse Blumhouse Products is adapting the book again, this time for a modern audience.



Set to be directed by Keith Thomas, who actually boarded the project all the way back late last year, Firestarter will follow the same plot as the book, focusing on the Department of Scientific Intelligence, or “the Shop”. Two participants of their mysterious research end up getting married and subsequently having a child. Named Charlie McGee, she inherits pyrokinetic powers from her parents, who were both given a low-grade hallucinogen called “Lot Six”. Now, the government is hunting Charlie down in order to harness her powers as a military weapon.


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In a recent interview, Keith Thomas claimed that Firestarter was his favorite Stephen King book, while also praising the script that was written by Scott Teems:

It’s a new adaptation of the book. When Jason [Blum] pitched it to me it was exciting, as that’s one of my favourite Stephen King novels, and whilst I really like the 1980’s film, I felt we could do something new. The screenplay is by Scott Teems who wrote the upcoming Halloween Kills, it’s an amazing script. It has everything you would want, people’s heads catching fire and their faces melting off, and a dad and daughter on the run trying to survive being chased in this heightened tense experience. We are hoping to film it this year, and it will be a lot of fun.



In the wake of the success of It and It Chapter Two, it seems like production studios are milking Stephen King’s grand wealth of source material for all it has to offer. In the same interview, Keith Thomas also revealed that Stephen King has read the script and approved of it, so my expectations are, personally, quite high!


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