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You’ll Be Transported To The Stars By These New Sci-Fi Releases

The world feels a little crazy at the minute, and these new science-fiction releases will transport you out of your reality for a while. Now is the perfect time to escape to so many different worlds and just lose yourself into some of these awesome titles.

  1. Oona out of order by margarita montimore

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Oona Out of Order follows Oona Lockhart, whose life will change at the stroke of midnight in 1982. She has two decisions to make, to stay home with her boyfriend and purse music, or go to London to study economics. But then the unthinkable happens, she wakes up the next morning, and instead of being nineteen, she’s now fifty-two and living in a house that she doesn’t recognize. With each new year, Oona is pushed into another age at random. She still remains a nineteen year old on the inside, but her outside appearance reflects the age she is during that year. Oona never knows what each year will bring, and this novel highlights the importance of time and how important family is.


2. The Stars We Steal by Alex Donne

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The Stars We Steal follows Leonie Kolburg, the heir to a faded European Spaceship. Her only focus right now is which bachelor can save her and her family from financial ruin. Then, Leonie’s first love and best friend, Elliot, returns. At first, Leonie’s family didn’t believe he was marriage material, but now he is the most eligible bachelor and captain of a successful whiskey ship. Elliot is determined to make Leonie’s life miserable, but of course old habits die hard, and Leonie finds herself falling for him again during a game of love and past regrets.

3. Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey

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Upright Women Wanted follows Esther, on the run from her father due to an arranged marriage to a man that used to be engaged to her best friend. Esther was in love with her best friend, but she was executed for her part resistance propaganda. Now, Esther is a stowaway and the American Southwest is full of bandits, fascists, and queer Liberian spies that are doing their best to do the right thing.

4. The Hidden Girls and Other Stories by Ken Liu

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The Hidden Girl and Other Stories, is collection of short stories by Ken Liu. It contains some of his best  science fiction and fantasy stories from the past five years. In total, there are sixteen stories, and as a bonus there is a new novelette. There is also an excerpt from his new novel, the third book in the Dandelion Dynasty Series, The Veiled Throne.


5 The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray

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The Last Day is set in the year 2059 and the world is no longer moving.  Half of the world suffers from non stop frozen nights and the other has to deal with the burning of the sun. A slim region, where twilight lies, is where people can survive. Ellen Hopper lives in isolation in Britain, and one day she receives  a letter from a man that is dying. The letter holds a dangerous secret, so dangerous that people in power will do anything to keep it that way, even kill.

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Which Lunar Chronicles Couple Are You?

If you’ve read Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles, you’ve probably swooned over one or two (or five) of its characters. But which of its couples does your real-life romance match up with? Take this quiz to find out!



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Best in Science-Fiction

It’s a new week and that means new titles to add to your TBR! This week’s spotlight genre is Sci-Fi, so for all you sci-fi readers or anyone that just loves a good book, this list is for you.

  1. Dead Astronauts by James Vandermeer

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Dead Astronauts follows three characters, Grayson, Chen, and Morse, who are traveling through forces that can consume them. These three characters also happen to be shapeshifters: amorphous, part human and part extensions of the world. A giant fish, a blue fox, and a language that stretches the limit. The blue fox slips through warrens of time and space and is on a mysterious mission. A homeless woman is haunted by a strange journal, and the fish remembers a past that may not be his own. These three are waging a war against a powerful cooperation. An invisible monster who can’t remember his name and he can’t remember his purpose. There’s also a madman who is haunted by his own creation and wanders the desert lost. This novel has a city without a name that lives in the shadow of an all-powerful company, with the earth at stake.

2. Anyone by Charles Soule

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Anyone follows a female scientist, from Ann Arbor Michigan, who is searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease but ends up finding herself in her husband’s body. This is believed to be a botched experiment, but it ends up changing the world. Twenty years later flash technology allows people to transport themselves into other bodies. The tagline of the company is “Be Anyone with Anyone”. There is also a black-market version where people secretly rent out their bodies for illegal purposes like crime, theft, and drugs. This novel goes from present day to the past as the creator of this flash technology tries to bring the darkness of it to an end.


3. The Revisionaries by A.R Maxon

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The Revisionaries follows Julian, a preacher that preaches in the streets in denim robes and running shoes, but despite his attire is an inspiration for his community. Then the neighborhood mental hospital releases its patients to run amok in the community. Julian meets one of the escapees who speaks of impending doom, and on top of that must face a religious cult that wears red, as well as smoking figure that knows what’s going to happen before it does. Can Julian confront and deal with them all?


4. The Pet Project by Amanda Milo

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The Pet Project follows people on a blue planet in a galaxy that is quite far from our own solar system. The aliens on this planet are tender skinned and intelligent, and they also make great pets. Everyone wants to own one of these pets when they realize they exist. Now these aliens must breed, and someone has to do everything she can to help them breed.


5. Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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Accepting the Lance follows Clan Korval, as he goes back to the ground after bombing a city. Now he’s on the water planet, Surebleak, where the people are just as untamed as the weather. Korval’s network also needs a complete reset in order to recover from exile. Unfortunately for Korval, the Department of Interior is looking for revenge with Surebleak and Korval’s ship. At the same time, other ships are seeking trade and diving into a trap. People everywhere are in the crosshairs.



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Five Ways to Fight Reader’s Block

Do you live under the looming weight of the sword of Damocles that is your TBR pile? Does it watch you day and night, unconquerable and ever growing? Do you fear you’ll be crushed one day if you close a door too hard? This article is for you.

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It happens to all of us. Plenty of good books to read, at least a little time (there’s always time for books), and yet, do books get read? There are a thousand comics about how many MORE books we’ll buy, even when the TBR pile starts to take on a life of its own. I don’t know what’s to be done about that, but I do know some tricks for getting out of a slump and back to what matters.


Read Something Shorter

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It can work! Have you been reading every LOTR book back to back like I tried to when I was twelve? I was a FOOL, and you are too, no offense. I know why you’re not reading. Get yourself out of a rut with something lighter, or even just physically smaller. I like to pick up poetry chapbooks for this, but anything will do, poetry, short stories – try and pick something with bite sized pieces, so you can feel accomplishment with much less focus.


Borrow from the Library

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I know, I know, you have them in your house! But hear me out. No, It’s not about the fines, though I obviously don’t want to pay the fines either. If I keep library books too long, I feel bad! They expected it back! Someone might be waiting for it! I gotta get it back on time. This might be more of a me thing, but do you want to let librarians down? Please. The ticking clock might lead you to finish the book quickly. Plus, checking out books proves that people use libraries, making it harder to cut their funding.


Try Audio Books

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I’ve never been an audio book person – at least since I was a kid – but they’re great for reader’s block, or if you’re super busy. You can cook, or clean the house, or listen on the bus. Plus, if you just don’t find yourself reading, an audio book takes almost no effort to experience. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t read like you used to when you were a kid, this might be a good way to get back in your stride, and quickly check a few things off your TBR.

Also, and you didn’t hear it from me, you can get audio books from libraries for free. Ask a librarian!


Try a New Genre

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Have a huge pile of science fiction you can’t seem to get through? Maybe grab a biography or a graphic novel. Too much historical fiction got you confused on who had affairs in real life and who was made up? Read some manga or get a book that’s pure fiction. If your book is already all biographies or something, try something a little less dry, throw a thriller or some high fantasy in the mix. Maybe even a genre you really don’t read. Shake it up!


Reread a Favorite

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Everyone has a handful of books they could read a thousand times. Even if it doesn’t feel productive, rereading a book you love can get you back in the swing of things, and remind you what you love so much about reading. Plus, it’s always nice to revisit an amazing book, whatever the reason. After that, you can go on and find a new favorite book, or three. I miss reading. Let’s get on this, friends.

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Three Books About Aliens and #ThingsWeAreNeverMeantToKnow

Alright, so I don’t really think there’s stuff we’re not meant to know – vive la science! – but a lot of people were talking about aliens (and Monty Python – Twitter, never change), so here are some books about aliens to start knowing some things. Maybe. The truth is out there!

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

This is a great start for anyone who likes their sci-fi light and lush, with enough cyborgs, psychics, and space travel to satisfy more die-hard fans. Set in futuristic Beijing, this well wrought fairy tale retelling features plague, sisterhood, and a robot who’ll be your favorite character. What more could you want? Crime? Formal wear? A lost foot? All that and more, plus, your book hangover will be delayed for quite a while, because there are several excellent sequels and a delightful graphic novel companion series. And did I mention Cinder is a mechanic? She’s a mechanic. Heart eyes.


These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

Quick question – are you ready to suffer? This is a good book, maybe even a great one, but it’s going to break your entire heart and not even be sorry. Two strangers, the only survivors of a massive spaceliner crash, try to find their way across an alien landscape to the ship’s wreckage and hope of rescue. An unlikely pair, an heiress and a former soldier must work together not only to survive harsh conditions on dwindling hope, but to discover the secrets of this planet, long hidden, and more lovely and terrible than they could have imagined. Like I said, this one’ll hurt, but read it anyway. It’s earned.


Binti – Nnedi Okorafor

Confession; this one’s from my TBR. But it’s at the top of the list! Brutal, large scale war against terrifying aliens, an intergalactic university, and the terrible pull of leaving the Earth behind. Clocking in at under a hundred pages, this is definitely a quick read, but don’t worry about being abandoned – it’s the first of three novellas. Plus, we always, always stan a heroine who’s good at math. Isn’t that the dream? Be good at math, and risk death to go to space school? Don’t boo me, I’m right.

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