Scholastic Pulls ‘Captain Underpants’ Spinoff for ‘Passive Racism’

On Friday, Scholastic Publishing announced that it has stopped the distribution of The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future by Dav Pilkey for perpetuating “passive racism.”

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future tells the story of Ook and Gluk, two cave dwellers from Caveland, Ohio, in the year 50,001 BC. When an evil corporation from the future attacks Caveland, Oook and Gluk (along with their dinosaur friend Lily) have to travel to the year 2222, where Master Wong teaches them the martial art of Kung Fu. Then they have to return to their own time to save the day. It is supposed to be written by Captain Underpants protagonists George and Harold.



The publishing company issued a statement explaining the reason behind the pull, saying: “We are deeply sorry for this serious mistake. Scholastic has removed the book from our websites, stopped fulfillment of any orders (domestically or abroad), contacted our retail partners to explain why this book is no longer available and sought a return of all inventory. We will take steps to inform schools and libraries who may still have this title in circulation of our decision to withdraw it from publication.”

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Author Dav Pilkey has expressed full support of this decision. Scholastic’s decision came off the heels of Pilkey’s own apology regarding the book, where he said the book contained harmful stereotypes and racist imagery, “I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for this. It was and is wrong and harmful to my Asian readers, friends, and family, and to all Asian people.” He also explained that The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future was intended to show “diversity, equality, and non-violent conflict resolution.”

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New Graphic Novels for Young Readers From Marvel and Scholastic

Scholastic now has a multi year deal with Marvel to produce Orignal Graphic Novels featuring Marvel characters. The new content will launch the Scholastic Graphix Media line. This launch started with the graphic novels that were released earlier this year, which included iconic characters, Shuri, Kamala Khan. and Miles Morales.

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According to editor of Marvel’s juvinelle publishing, Lauren Bisom, Miles Morales has struck a chord with fans and how his life experiences, culture, and his inner strength tells that classic coming of age story of Spider-Man. It also makes him an inspirational hero to anyone who reads the novels.

Next spring, there will be a new novel featuring Morales, titled, Miles Morales Shockwaves,  that will be written by Justin Reynolds. In this new adventure, Miles is juggling going to school and being a spider-hero. His mother’s home, Puerto Rico suffers from an earthquake, so he quickly sets up a fundraiser, but then a student’s father goes missing. It doesn’t take long for Miles to make a connection between his fundrasier and the disapperance. Sounds like a great story!


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Another great character is Shuri, she was introduced in the Black Panther movie that was released in 2018. Earlier this year a graphic novel featuring her was released titled, Shuri: A Black Panther Novel, it was written by best selling author Nic Stone. The novel recieved critical acclaim and it was the first novel to launch the collaboration between Scholastic and Marvel. The next novel will be Avengers Assembly: Orientation and the author will be Preeti Chhibber, which will be released this August.

This is just the begginning, more titles will be released later this year. This collaboration will definitely encourage children to read. What kid doesn’t love to read about their favorite superhero?

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Joanna Cole, Creator of ‘Magic School Bus,’ Passes at Age 75

Joanna Cole, cherished author and creator of The Magic School Bus series, passed away at age 75 this past Sunday. The cause was reported to be due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

A former elementary school librarian in Brooklyn, Cole was inspired to create The Magic School Bus based upon her own love for science and a science teacher from her childhood who acted similarly to Ms. Frizzle. Many of Cole’s books received various accolades, making it on the ALA Notable list and winning NSTA/CBC Non-fiction awards. Last month, it was announced that a live-action version of The Magic School Bus was in preparation, to be produced by and starring Elizabeth Banks.

Dick Robinson, CEO of Scholastic, remembers Cole fondly.

In the world of children’s books, it is not often necessary for illustrator and writer to actually meet, but there were conundrums with [Magic School Bus]. Every page was so complicated we had to make decisions: how to make it work. Could it work? And we did. Together. And we became friends. What Joanna has meant to the world, what there is in the world because of her, is well known. What she meant to me I can’t describe. Everyone who knew her, worked with her, loved her, knows what a loss it is.

Cole will be deeply missed, and the knowledge and heart she brought to all of us will live on forever through her art. As the beloved author once stated:

People ask me, ‘Are you like Ms. Frizzle?’ And, as you can see, I don’t dress like Ms. Frizzle and I don’t have hair like Ms. Frizzle. But in one way we are alike. We both like to explain things. And so if you’re with me, you’re going to learn a lot of stuff that you may not even want to know about – because I’ll tell you.

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Coronavirus Shut Down School? Scholastic has a Solution!

Schools across the nation are unfortunately closing due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that millions of students will be stuck at home with either their classes on hold or their schools switching to an online class plan. Still, this strategy of staying home can be a bit anxiety provoking.


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Despite schools being closed, Scholastic has just launched a program called Learn at Home, where students (particularly children) can continue to study and learn with special “cross-curricular journeys.” According to their website, the company has day-by-day projects that are designed to keep children’s brains stimulated while they are at home.  Parents, rest assured that your children will still be getting some form of education.


Scholastic’s website has daily courses for students from Pre-kindergarten to grades six and higher. If, for example, you have a child that is in grade three, four, or five, lessons that they would be learning are hottest and coldest places, facts about our first president, George Washington, or building dominoes with math! Scholastic’s learning plans cover all the things your children would be learning in school.


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According to an article by CNN, senior Vice President and editor-in-chief of Scholastic Classroom Magazines said that “as more and more teachers, students, and families around the world are affected by the coronavirus, our priority is to support them in the best way we know how — by providing them with rich stories and meaningful projects that will keep kids academically active.”  Each grade level has about five days’ worth of content, each offering about three hours of learning per day.  Scholastic also said in a news release that another fifteen days of content will be coming.


If you’re interested in the courses, you can check it out at Scholastic’s website linked above. It’s accessible to anyone with access to the internet and will remain open indefinitely!


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Suzanne Collins’ Most Underrated Series

Before The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins wrote another series, The Underland Chronicles. The series was published between 2003-2007, and it tells the story of a boy named Gregor and his adventures in the Underland (located literally under New York City).

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Gregor starts off the series as a middle schooler who discovers the Underland when his little sister, Boots, falls down a laundry shoot and he follows after her. Of course, with an interesting new place comes interesting new people… and creatures. The creatures consist of bugs, rats and bats, some humans even inhabit the underland, and they have very clear skin. Two of the giant roaches believe Gregor is there to fulfill a prophecy; The Prophecy of Gray which includes finding his father who went missing in the Underland. Gregor and his family believed his dad left them for another family, but now he will finally learn the truth.

I’ve never heard of this series, and I was in middle school when these books were around. Does anyone else remember those scholastic book fair papers that would come around every month? I’m sure these books were in their back in the mid 2000s. We all have books we overlooked, and it makes me wonder if JK Rowling had another series before Harry Potter. Don’t worry I already checked, Harry Potter is her first series. However, even if you read the Hunger Games or never picked up the series, you can still pick up this one.

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