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Sarah Dessen Apologizes to Grad Student for Twitter Outrage

Sarah Dessen is well known for her Young Adult contemporary novels. This past summer she released her fourteenth novel, The Rest of the StoryAll of her novels focus on a teen girl, so of course her key demographic is teen girls, but apparently Northern State University found her novels compelling enough to add to their “Common Read”, which is a book the entire university is asked to read. One of the students attending the school at the time decided to voice her opinion, in which she stated according to Newsweek, that Dessen is great for teens but is not up to the level of Common Read, so she worked closely with the program to stop them from choosing one of her books.


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Dessen then took it upon herself to post a screenshot of the comment, which then led to fans and authors rallying to her side. Authors such as Jodi Picoult, Angie Thomas, Jenny Han, Roxane Gay and many more.


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Then a couple days later, Dessen decided to apologize for the twitter outrage she caused and the attack on the student that made the comment.



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Other authors followed suit and even the school tweeted an apology. The girl however had to deactivate her social media accounts due to backlash from fans for her comment, which was made in 2016. She now studies languages with a focus on cyber harassment. According to her, she is using her experience as a guide to help her understand how language is used to express many different perspectives.



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Sarah Dessen and Once and for All cover

Sarah Dessen Brings Light To Hurricane Victims

The South stands strong. And so does the world of books.


Hurricane Harvey

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With Hurricane Harvey hitting this past week, many Texans have been struggling to survive. Thousands are evacuating and they’re lucky to be making it out with their lives, let alone their belongings. Harvey is the first hurricane to hit landfall in 12 years, and things are getting serious. Fast.


Twitter has become the hub for sending thoughts, prayers, and generous donations to those who are now struggling and homeless. Everyone is expressing their sorrow for the profound devastation, including New York Times best selling author Sarah Dessen.


The North Carolina mother and YA fiction writer has recently taken to Twitter to send her love to effected Texans. She encouraged her followers to donate what they can, from money to diapers. She even tweeted an update from her friends at a local bookshop in West Houston. Click below to see their heartfelt thanks.





Unfortunately, due to Blue Willow’s location, they’ll undoubtedly experience some flooding and destruction. 


Blue Willow Bookshop

Image Courtesy of Michael Scott


The bookshop first opened its doors in 1996 and has become a cozy, familiar nook for West Houston natives and visitors alike. They offer book lovers a variety of read-alouds, signings, book clubs, and even British-inspired tea time. Who would want to lose a place like that?!  


With Dessen’s recent book release for her novel ‘Once and for All, there is no doubt her following will continue to grow. From tweets to donations, any awareness could help save places like Blue Willow Bookshop and bring relief to the people of Texas.



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