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Amazing New YA Novels You Must Read

Hello and welcome to your weekly guide of what to read this week. These five new YA novels are full of so much fun and adventure you’re just going to burst with reading excitement.


  1. Concrete Roses by Anige Thomas

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Concrete Roses, tells the story of seventeen year old Maverick Carter who has just found out he’s a father. Maverick knows that a real man takes care of his family and that’s what he’s going to do. However, the only way he knows how to provide for his family is to deal with the King Lords. Not only can he provide for his son but he can also help out his mom who works two jobs while his dad is in jail. But then, he gets an offer to earn money the right way and he takes it, but then someone close to Maverick is murdered and walking away from the King Lords isn’t so easy, so he has to make a decision.  He has to decide for himself what it really means to be a man.



2. The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

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The Girls I’ve Been, tells the story of Nora O’Malley who is the daughter of a con artist. She grew up in the footsteps of her mother she has been a lot of different girls but her mom fell for the last mark  instead of conning him, so Nora had to pull of an escape. It’s been five years and Nora has been playing normal at school, but time is up when three things happen to her. Wes, her ex boyfriend walked in on her and her girlfriend Iris, and even though they’re all friends, Iris is a secret. To make matters worse the next day the three of them have to go to the bank to deposit money. To add more salt to the wound two guys are robbing the bank, and now Nora and her friends are being held hostage, but what those robbers don’t know is Nora is something else entirely different than a regular hostage.


3. Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

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Be Dazzled, tells the story of Raffy who has a talent for creating the perfect outfit. His art is his life and this year is the biggest cosplay competition where he can win sponsorship to art school. Unfortunately, his ex, Luca is also competing and he’s his biggest competition. Raffy and Luca used to be a great team, they even met in the rhinestone section, but then Luca’s insecurities and Raffy’s determination to make the perfect creation caused their relationship to backfire.Now, Raffy has no choice but to partner with Luca on his most important project, all while dealing with feelings for the boy who broke his heart.



4. Written in  Starlight by Isbael Ibanez

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Written in Starlight, tells the story of Cataline Quiroga, who has been banished to the Yanu Jungle. Catalina must do everything she can to survive and escape to jungle. It is her duty to reclaim her throne for herself. Then, Catalina is saved from a jugaur from Manuel, the son of a former general and from there a plan forms. In the jungle is where the city of gold is hidden and home to the Illari people who she could form an alliance with. However, the Ilarl are dealing with their own battle, with the jungle turning everything they love to waste. Catalina is a seer and even though she should be able to help them, but she can’t. She has to find her true calling in order to stop the corruption before it destroys the jungle.


5. This Will be Funny Someday by Katie Henry

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This Will be Funny Someday, tells the story of sixteen year old Izzy who lets other people do the talking for her. Her boyfriend talks for her at school and at home she can’t get a word in with her older siblings and parents. Then, when she accidentally walks into a comedy club and actually performs, and the experience was great. She then befriends Mo, a fellow comedian who is more outgoing than Izzy is. However, Mo is a college student, so Izzy lies and says she’s one too. Now, she’s sneaking out to perform in comedy clubs, and she has let go of being the perfect daughter and girlfriend. However, her boyfriend is becoming suspicious, but Izzy loves her new life and soon enough her new and old life collide in a hilarious way, but either way Izzy has to choose to be who she really is or go back to hiding.


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