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Regé-John Page Set to Star in New Netflix Film ‘The Gray Man’

The ever so popular Regé- John Page  has been getting a lot of attention since the hit show Bridgerton started streaming on Netflix. The show began streaming on Christmas Day and has been a mega hit for the service; fans just can’t get enough. Die hard fans who have been rewatching are also in luck, as season two starts production this spring. Fans are desperate for more–especially more of Regé-John Page, the actor who plays Simon the Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton.

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Just a couple of weeks ago Page hosted SNL. It has also been rumored that Page is in line to be the next James Bond. Though I think he would be incredibly perfect for the role, as of right now that’s just a rumor. However, he will be in a upcoming Netflix film titled The Gray Man. He will appear alongside other well known actors such as Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Billy Bob Thorton, Ana De Armas, and Alfre Woodard.
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As of right now there isn’t any information regarding Page’s character in the film, however the genre is espionage action thriller. The plot centers on a freelance assassin and a former CIA operative as they are being hunted across the globe. Sounds awesome! To make it even better the movie, is based on a book series with the same name by Mark Greanery.
Filming starts in two weeks in Los Angeles. In the meantime, you can read the book right here.
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‘The Gray Man’ Adaptation by Russo Bros. Coming to Netflix

Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of multiple Marvel movies including the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame, are set to direct Netflix’s adaptation of The Gray ManThe film will star Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and it will have a budget of $200 million, making it Netflix’s most expensive film to date.

Ryan Gosling y Chris Evans protagonizan el nuevo éxito de Netflix

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The Gray Man, based on the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney, follows a a deadly duel between two killers as Gentry (to be played by Ryan Gosling), a freelance assassin, is being hunted by a former cohort of the CIA, Lloyd Hansen (to be played by Chris Evans). The Russo brothers are hoping to be able to turn this adaptation into a Bond-like franchise with Gosling reprising his role as Gentry in future films.


Other Marvel team members have joined the production of this film since Avengers script writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revised Joe Russo’s original script for The Gray Man. 

Production for the film is set to start in January of 2021.

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Six Iconic Shakespeare Memes

Shakespeare’s plays are whackier and whackier the more you read. Confusion, dirty jokes, and some pretty unbelievable things happening at sea. So many things are just begging to be memed. It’s a shame memes weren’t even invented until four hundred years after his death. At least we can give his works the meming they deserve retroactively.

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What an icon. Shakespeare invented countless words, including the word countless. But let’s get to plot nonsense.

I confess, my love of hamlet shows a little here, but who can blame me? There’s a reason it’s so widely read. Plus, Hamlet himself is such an incredibly quotable character, who wouldn’t make a meme? Like his most famous line.

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But it’s not just the things he says when he’s alone and feeling emo. Hamlet comes face to face with almost everyone in the play, in a way that changes it around him, even when he’s not staging mini murder plays.

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I think we can all agree Ophelia deserved better. Who does he think he is, a prince? He-hem. Usually tossing a girl around a room (in some adaptations) is not the way to her heart. But you know what’s actually a worse seduction tactic?

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Yikes. That’s one way to get her alone. Not one I can condone, though. Alright, enough about Denmark. We could go on like this forever.

Let’s talk about history. No, it’s not the picture of an impaled bottle of Caesar salad dressing, as iconic as that is. It’s not the only Julius Caesar meme.

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What happens when you kill the one fun friend? Then again, I guess all getting together to stab someone could be considered a party of sorts. It’s certainly one way to bond with your coworkers. Work outing? Tried it and I CANNOT recommend.

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I had to include a Much Ado About Nothing meme, because it’s my all time fave, and this is my favorite adaptation. Plus, just about every character is an absolute meme, start to finish.



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Ryan Gosling

Everything About ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Voluptuous

Blade Runner 2049, a follow-up to 1982’s Blade Runner, is out. Todd McCarthy, film reviewer for the Hollywood Reporter, describes it as “a voluptuous mood bath.” While that’s almost offensively evocative, it does kind of capture the film’s look. Cinematographer Roger Deakins’ color palette is so lush that it seems to push forward even the original film’s classic aesthetic. If a viewer happened to be so drawn in by the pretty colors, they might even describe the movie as “voluptuous.”


Harrison Ford

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Also voluptuous are, apparently, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Film reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern, writes, “Harrison Ford, for his part, is nothing less than a revelation.” A revelation, people. Harrison Ford’s performance is a revelation. He played the heck out of Deckard the first time around, but revelation is usually a word reserved for the performances of, say, Helen Mirren or, I don’t know, Colin Firth. Someone English. Someone not Harrison Ford.


Ryan Gosling, for his part, has been commended too. A. O. Scott of the New York Times writes:


Speaking of avatars of alienation, K moves through his days with the unhurried shuffle and downcast baby blues of Ryan Gosling. This is impeccable casting. Mr. Gosling’s ability to elicit sympathy while seeming too distracted to want it — his knack for making boredom look like passion and vice versa — makes him a perfect warm-blooded robot for our time.


Ryan Gosling

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Critics are also loving the director, Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners), though some find him a little self-indulgent. Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly criticizes how long Villeneuve made the film, but qualifies her criticism, saying:


But how could he not, when nearly every impeccably composed shot — a surreal six-handed love scene; a shimmering hologram of Elvis, hip-swiveling into eternity; a “newborn” replicant, slick with amniotic goo — feels like such a ravishing visual feast?


Whether you’re hungry for another Philip K. Dick adaptation after watching The Man in the High Castle or you really like Ryan Gosling or you’re in desperate need of a “voluptuous mood bath”, you’ll want to see Blade Runner 2049. And you’ll want to pick up the (really short) novel that started it all: Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


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Ryan Gosling in BR2049

Get Ready for Ryan Gosling in ‘Blade Runner 2049’

It’s been a while since Ryan Gosling has graced our screens. Okay, it hasn’t even been a year but in Gosling-deprivation time that is a while. 


Based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Blade Runner has been beloved by sci-fi fans since its release in 1982. Now it’s about to get a whole new following with its long-awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049.


Dick’s novel is a fairly quick read, but there is a deep mythos behind it. The original Blade Runner didn’t touch much on the off-world colonies or widespread destruction in Dick’s book but based on what we’ve seen from Blade Runner 2049, the new movie will continue to flesh out Dick’s expansive image of the future.


Check out this new trailer and get excited for October 6th!



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