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5 New YA Novels Just in Time for Christmas

It’s that time of the week again and it’s also the week of Christmas! Christmas is just days away and if you’re still shopping, why not buy these books? They will make perfect stocking stuffers for the book lover in your life or even for yourself. The holidays is the season of giving, so why not give to yourself too and buy these books!

1. Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch

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Love and Olives, tells the story of Liv Varanakis, who hasn’t seen her dad since she was eight years old. Her dad moved to Greece and the only thing she remembers about her dad is how much they love Greek Myths and the lost city of Atlantis. Then, when she receives a postcard about a documentary her dad will be hosting on his theories about Atlantis, Liv jumps at the chance to join him. However, when Liv lands in Santorini, she has so many questions to ask her dad, but instead of asking him, she avoids her feelings in order to move forward and not focus on the past. Liv also doesn’t want Theo, her father’s protegee to witness her feeling this way. So, Liv decides to make the best of her time and dive into everything Santorini has to offer, but soon enough, Liv learns her father invited her to Santorini for something more important than Atlantis.

2. A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey

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A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, tells the story of Lila Reyes and how she spends her summer in England. Lila, thought she had her summer after high school all planned out, but then she was thrown a curve ball and everything, including herself, falls apart. Lila’s parents become concerned about her mental health, so they decide to send her to Winchester, England, to stay with some family friends. However, her dream trip feels more like a nightmare, with a grumpy cook, no sun, and no Miami flavor, that is until she meets Orion Maxwell. Despite the fact that Orion has his own troubles, he appoints himself as Lila’s personal tour guide. Soon enough, Lila becomes charmed by England and Orion, and that makes Lila dream of a new future, a future that will change everything she had planned.

3. Ruinsong by Julia Ember

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Ruinsong, tells the story of a powerful mage, Cadence, who has been forced to disgrace her country’s nobility. However, when Cadence is reunited with her childhood friend, who just so happens to have ties with an underground rebellion, she has no choice but to make a choice. She can either take a stand and free their country from oppression or she can follow in the Queen’s footsteps and become a monster too.

4. Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

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Rent a Boyfriend, tells the story of two young adults, Chloe Wang and Drew Chan. Chloe, is very nervous to introudce her boyfriend to her parents because she hired him from a company called, Rent for your ‘rents. The company provides fake boyfriends to impress even the most traditional asian parents. While Drew’s parents just cut him off from dropping out of college, so in order to pursue his dreams of art, he becomes a rent a boyfriend. Chloe ends up renting Drew in hopes they will leave her alone about accepting a proposal from Hongbo, who is very wealthy and a young bachelor in their tight knit asian community. Soon enough, Chloe begins to fall for the real Drew and now she isn’t what she wants. Chloe has to figure out what she wants before she loses everything.

5. Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon

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Super Fake Love Song, tells the story of self pro claimed nerd Sunny Dae, and how his life changes when he meets Cirrus Soh. Cirrus so is so cool and confident, but when Cirrus mistakes Sunny’s older brothers room, for hers, he lies and tells her he is in a rock band. Now, Sunny is in way too deep in this lie and he even gets his best friends involved, they form a fake band and he starts to wear his old brother’s old rock and roll castoffs. When Sunny is ready to tell Cirrus the truth, she asks to see them play sometime, so Sunny has no choice but to keep the charade up. To make matters worst people start to notice him in school, and he even starts getting invited to parties.  Sunny is more confident now, then he’s ever been in his life, and he’s even falling in love, having fun and he’s even becoming a rocker for real. Unfortunately, all of Sunny’s lies start to catch up with him and he has to learn if all of this was worth it or if he can ever truly change.

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