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There is Some Hope for a New Potter Film

It’s been almost ten years since the final Harry Potter movie hit theaters, and now there might be another one! No offense to the Fantastic Beast franchise, but those movies will never replace the Potter films. Those movies are apart of our childhood and will live in our hearts forever. Who can say that about Fantastic Beasts? It’s honestly just a really bad place holder for what we really want. No offense Newt and Jacob! You two are awesome.

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Daniel Radcliffe, and the rest of the cast have been in talks about a new film for a while now. Unfortunately, the pandemic put the talks on hold for a bit, but now they might just start back up again. However, any more details such as the plot is hush hush at the moment, but there is some speculation that it could possibly be a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film adaption. That’s just a thought. The broadway show is the only current production that has to do with Harry Potter, and not plot hole Dumbledore children like Credence. Again, no offense to the Fantastic Beast franchise.
In the Wizarding World, you never know what will happen, but any new Potter film is going to be a film all fans will rush to see. Or rent/buy depending on the state of the world at the time of it’s release. For right now, it’s just a lot of talk, but talk brings a lot of hope. Fingers crossed for a great new movie with the original cast very soon!
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Harry Potter Cast Stands in Solidarity With Transgender Fans

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are teaming up once again to make a difference. J.K. Rowling’s recent tweets and subsequent follow-up letter have elicited an abundance of controversy, and the cast of Harry Potter has decided to respond.

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The Very Best Very Potter Musical Memes

What is there to say about A Very Potter Musical? It’s one of the greatest works of all time. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand, and if not, you should probably just go watch it right now. Not even to enjoy these memes better, just because everyone deserves to experience it. Anyone who likes Harry Potter, though, can appreciate the show’s genius, whether they’ve seen it or not.

Watching it the First Time

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This really captures the humor of the whole thing. It’s already there in the source material. It’s very close to the surface. And yeah, the Harry Potter books are wonderfully funny when they want to be, but there’s SO MUCH there that can be brought out. And boy does Very Potter Musical find all of it. They spent a full quarter of their budget on a giant chocolate bar. Go watch it.



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When I tell you that Malfoy is the best part of this play, I want you to understand how seriously I mean this. Voldemort tap dances. The sheer physical comedy, I simply cannot describe the genius. Half of Malfoy’s time on stage is spent rolling around. It’s genuinely dazzling. And I’m also pretty sure this is just cannon. Malfoy throws around his father a lot, but do we think his father actually cares?



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Listen. Listen. It may seem like that’s a bad name for a school. But like. Hogwarts. When was the last time we thought about that? Certainly not this decade. Maybe not this millennium. Also, this is another Malfoy thing, and you know how I feel about Malfoy. I’ll try and stop. But seriously, a wizard school on Mars? That’s basically the best place I can think of. Why did they throw sci-fi in there? Because they’re geniuses.


Seems Fair

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This may be another Malfoy thing a little! Let’s talk about Snape. He throws his cape around, he takes points from Griffindor, and I think that’s valid as it gets. And look at that wig. Honestly I could just go on forever. If you think Snape sounds good, just wait until you see Dumbledore. He’s the absolute most, and I’m amazed all the memes weren’t about him.



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As someone who’s never had an opinion on Zach Effron in my life, boy do I have opinions about the Zefron poster in a Very Potter Musical. It’s so, so funny. Dumbledore would rather be defeated by Voldemort than destroy it. And Voldemort turned a poster of Zach Effron into a horcrux. They don’t explain this! Zefron poster horcrux. Of course. Makes instant sense.

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