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Glenn Close Joins Amy Adams In Ron Howard’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’

The adaptation of the popular memoir Hillbilly Elegy just added another acclaimed actor to its roster. Variety reported that Glenn Close, who most recently won several awards and was nominated for an Oscar for her film The Wife, has just been announced to star in the upcoming adaptation. It is currently unknown what role she will play.


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The popular memoir, released in 2016, details the upbringing of author J.D. Vance and his working class roots in both Kentucky and Ohio. From his difficult childhood dealing with abusive grandparents to his time at Yale Law School, Vance looks at the economic anxiety that has plagued him and many others over the years and offers sharp critiques on those who lack personal responsibility and work ethic.


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When the book was released, critics were divided on its approach to economic issues, with some feeling that the generalizations about certain groups of people weren’t warranted. Nevertheless, the book was acclaimed upon release. It became an important piece of literature during the 2016 election, with many pointing to it as an explanation for the surprising election results.


The adaptation of this book has a lot of talent behind it. Ron Howard is slated to direct, Amy Adams will star and Netflix will stream the movie.



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